Jenae Traglia celebrated her 13th birthday with a small party on April 28. She is now a “quaranteen.” The Traglias recently moved to the old general store in Pedee, which is officially 100 years old as it was built in 1920. It still has the gym upstairs, which was originally a dance hall where people came from miles around to dance once a week. If anyone out there knows more about those events, please let me know as it sounds like it was quite a big deal. My email is

Jenae has been selling big, beautiful hanging flower baskets to help fund her softball team, and did quite well!

Eric and Rebekah Schwanke welcomed Adeline Marie on April 25. They live in Montana now, so she’s a real Montanan. They moved to Gildford in February, where Eric is helping a pastor with two churches and also working for a local farmer.

Mike and Melissa McBeth became grandparents for the first time on April 28th. Son Morgan and girlfriend Brooke had a boy, Colton Michael McBeth, born in Corvallis.

Jim and Laurel (Jones) Bosvert have spending their time at home by revising their watering system. Yard work has been their salvation from Cabin Fever. They’ve missed several milestone birthdays — and a whole lot of cake, although it hasn’t seemed to help Laurel lose any weight. She’s thinking of putting a lock on the fridge and throwing away the key.

Woodcutting crews from Pedee Church and under the direction of Chuck Goetzinger have been going out several times a week. Not only do they get a lot done, but some of them got a bit of much-needed exercise and all had opportunity to chat a bit. It was an enjoyable and fruitful time. Pedee Church is still meeting at 10 a.m. on Sundays via Zoom, which has worked pretty well. Contact Daniel Russell for the link if you’d like to participate.

The school year is ending for Daniel and Heidi Russell’s kids and all other home schoolers in the neighborhood. They’ve been having online meetings with their teacher to complete the year. The Russells got a telescope to use late in the evening, now that the weather is good.

Dancing Oaks Nursery is still open, with strict guidelines. If you want to buy plants from the nursery, here are your three options: pre-order by email for curbside pickup, email them a list of plants you know you want and they’ll pull them in advance for you, or go to the nursery during their regular shopping hours and shop for yourself. It’s a beautiful time to go!

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