The rest of the story: I missed getting in the names of all the youth that were in the Pedee Church Christmas play on Christmas Eve. Members of the cast were Leo and Annika Mellein; McKenzie Hauck; Wynn Keppinger; Jenae, Kailey, and Lilah Traglia; Arthur, Penny, and Desmond Coe; and Alex and his sisters Allana, Aliyah and Abigail. His brother Aarondavid was Baby Jesus. The kids are great actors.

I have an excuse — last Thursday I was in the ER in Corvallis, where I was writing my column between EKGs and such. I had a sharp pain around my heart which proved to be nothing. I never thought I’d call 911 as I thought it would be too embarrassing, but when you hurt bad enough, you do. Actually it was a good experience as both the Pedee fire department and EMTs were prompt, reassuring, kind, and competent. Nothing to fear.

Nic Heller completed his first term at Chemeketa Community College and is happy to report that he had straight As and made the honor roll. Very satisfying, as his goal was to at least get Bs. He is working toward a degree as an EMT.

Paul Telfer spent two weeks in December as a volunteer for the Red Cross in Paradise, California, which was destroyed in the Camp Fire. He manned the desk for the doctors at the shelter near Chico, as he’d had medical training during his career as a firefighter in Salem and was able to assess problems for the doctors. It was quite an experience, as all volunteer work for the Red Cross is.

New Year’s Eve’s progressive dinner party sponsored by Pedee Church was very interesting as it was to benefit missionaries Eric and Rebekah Schwanke and so had an African theme. Much of the food was based on what Eric and Rebekah ate, or saw, while in Kenya. Not too bad — but sometimes their food is pretty meager.

This year 4-H will be meeting the first and third Saturdays of each month at 10 a.m. They’ll be starting with sewing and cooking for a few months. Contact if you’d like to participate. Or just come.

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