A neighbor wrote a wonderful tribute to Lloyd Tabor.

Memories of my neighbor, Lloyd Taber

Written by Audrey Cameron

Out in the country we call everyone in the area a “neighbor.” Although the Tabers lived on Pedee Creek Road, about a 7-mile trip by car, from our farm on Kings Valley Highway, as the crow flies they were right over the hill from us. The Taber kids were in Pedee Elementary School with our kids, and we participated in 4-H, Good News Club, Girl and Boy Scouts, and all the activities a small country school afforded.

The Tabers built a pretty house on their acreage on Pedee Creek Road and called it “Still Meadow.” One day when I was browsing in a used book store, I found a book entitled “Still Meadow,” written by Gladys Taber. “Is this your relative,” I asked Lloyd, to which he said “yes.” He had never told us about his famous relative.

Lloyd was a faithful attendee at all the kids sports events, the volleyball games, basketball, and as the kids got into junior high, he traveled even to Sweet Home to watch their games.

In high school the kids were encouraged by Lloyd to pursue soccer, and our kids soon were involved. He enabled lots of foreign students to come to Dallas and they were wonderful soccer players. Our own kids’ lives became richer because of their friendships with guys from Spain who taught them all the cool soccer moves.

Lloyd came up once a week when his kids were young and bought a gallon of our raw milk from our Guernsey cow. He always stayed for a fun visit, laughing and making us laugh too at his wry wit and humor.

He was a wonderful part of our lives in Pedee, bringing a love of the country, and his wonderful kids and wife to our community.

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