DALLAS — The citizens of Dallas asked for it — and this weekend, they will get it: Krazy Dayz is back.

The last weekend in July is when Dallas puts on its biggest party of the year. This signature festival was known as Summerfest for many years, but before that, it was Krazy Dayz.

A vote of the community decided that it was time to bring back Krazy Dayz, and the vote wasn’t even close.

“The community really wanted it back, and it was popular demand,” said Sheila Peirce, the Dallas’ recreation and event coordinator.

Like all community events this year, Krazy Dayz has been turned over to the city of Dallas from the Dallas Area Visitors Center.

“I was glad I could do something positive with the city taking over the events,” Peirce said of the renaming. “We did something positive for the community.”

Peirce said she remembers attending the festival under its old, and now new, name.

“That’s what I knew it as, Krazy Dayz, when I was a kid. It kinda just brings back that feeling of when you are a kid and you go to the parade,” she said. “It’s just Krazy Dayz. That’s what I’ve always known it to be.”

Peirce said she’s tried to find a balance of events to appeal to children and adults. She’s scheduled a family friendly comedian and kids’ musical performer, as well as a circus show. Most of the Mill Street block by the Polk County Courthouse is dedicated to activities and games for kids.

For the older than 21 crowd, Peirce added a beer garden on the Polk County Courthouse lawn and included an after party in the beer garden on Saturday night. 

“They wanted change. They felt that before, it was the same thing, the same thing,” Peirce said. “That’s what I’m hoping to bring this year, is a little bit of change, but still keep things a little bit the same for the reminiscence of it.”

Peirce said Krazy Dayz is a work-in-progress, and she hopes to find more partners to help host more events, such as bringing back a fun run/walk to the schedule.

“I think that was something people looked forward to before during Krazy Dayz,” Peirce said. “If somebody, or a group of people, want to work with me and bring it back it next year, I would love to do that.”

For Krazy Dayz 2019, Peirce said the objective is to make the festival fun, just like she remembered it.

“Let your hair down and have a good time,” she said. “It was fun. It was just a good time for the city of Dallas.”

For more information about the Krazy Dayz schedule and events, see our Krazy Dayz preview in Section C. 

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