This week’s Itemizer-Observer Flashback is from March 14, 1973. Hands full – Alfred Schroeder, Salt Creek, seems to have his hands full while trying to ‘corral’ five baby goats born to one of his doe’s last week. The mother goat is only three years old, but has had a total of 11 offspring to date. She had three the first year, three the second year, and five this time.

50 years ago

Mar. 14, 1973

Dallas flier launches one-man flight school

Ever had the urge to break away from the humdrum of your daily ‘earthbound’ life? If the thought of learning to fly interests you but your budget has always managed to win out in the argument, John Casey of Dallas would like to help.

John, age 24, a certified flight instructor for just over one year, recently started his one-man flying school at Joe Card’s airport.

He first started flying with the University of Oregon Flying Club and earned his private pilot’s license in 1968. He later acquired commercial and instrument ratings and then his instructor’s certificate just last year. He presently has 16 students who are learning to fly in Dallas.

Astoria ends a fine year for Dallas

It’s all over for this basketball year. The Dallas High School season came to an abrupt end in Forest Grove last Wednesday evening when a good Astoria team out-quicked and out-hustled a good Dallas Dragon five to the tune of 44-39.

The Orange and Black’s loss gave the team a respectable 17-6 season record, but eliminated them from a berth in the playoffs. The Astoria win moved the Fishermen into the Coast Valley League playoffs against Molalla from the Eastern Division.

Drug Store Sold

Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Web have announced the sale of their Rexall Drug Store in Independence to Mr. and Mrs. John Noffsinger.

The new owners started operation of the store last Monday. They are from the Salem area. Noffsinger has been a pharmacist for 23 years.

Mr. and Mrs. Webb owned the store for 16 years. They plan to stay in Independence, but they will travel some and gather rocks for their hobby of rock processing.

40 years ago

Mar. 16, 1983

Milldrum named 1983 Merit Mother

When Johanna Milldrum of Dallas heard that she had been named a 1983 Oregon Merit Mother by the Oregon Association of American Mothers, she chuckled and said, “I don’t know about that. I think I could get an award for being the tiredest – and longest – mother!”

The truth is that this is now the sixth decade of active mothering with four “homemade” children, three adopted children and several foster children in a home from the 30s to the 80s.

One addition, Johanna and Gordon Milldrum have been volunteers for the Holt Adoption program and have escorted Korean orphans to homes in the United States and Europe.

Davis tops chess foes

Mikeal Davis, a junior at Dallas High school, has won the Oregon and southern Washington State High School chess championship tournament held at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in Portland. His record was five wins, no losses.

He received a trophy, $90 check and membership to OMSI and Oregon Chess Federation.

This was Davis’ seventh year going to the state tournament, having to qualify each time at the regional tournament. His previous best was a tie for state champion in 1980.

Rope jumping raises $5,000 at Lyle school

Almost $5,000 was raised by students jumping rope last Thursday at Lyle Elementary School in Dallas for the American Heart Association.

One hundred forty students had received pledges for each minute they jumped rope during the day. Some obtained five pledges; others got 35-40 pledges from friends and relatives in Dallas.

Principal Glen Sweet said, “We thought if we raised $1,000 it would be splendid, but for the kids to earn $5,000 is just overwhelming. I’m proud of them.”

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