CORVALLIS — Oregon State University announced the students who made honor roll for Fall term 2020. Here are the students from Polk County who made the list.


Ian E. Baer, Senior, Biology; Sarah M. Baer, Freshman, General Engineering; Abigail R. Bliven, Senior, Animal Sciences; Ty W. Brewen, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Bridger W. Cook, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering.

Lois E. Dalton, Senior, History; Cooper R. Dodge, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Richard B. Epperley Jr, Senior, Political Science; Madison E. Friesen, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Michael T. Friesen, Senior, Computer Science.

Jesse J. Gilbert, Senior, Forestry; Bradley R. Goodlett, Senior, Computer Science; Brianne N. Halin, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Annelise V. Hartinger, Senior, History; Leann A. Hultberg, Freshman, Biology.

Madelyn R. Kennedy, Sophomore, Chemistry; Hannah G. Locke, Junior, Kinesiology; Madison L. Lyons, Freshman, Business Administration; Rebecca L. Murray, Senior, History; Dakota Napierkowski, Junior, Sociology.

Jason R. Racine, Post Baccalaureate, Food Science and Technology; Cody D. Renfro, Freshman, Computer Science; Rebekah A. Rocak, Sophomore, Ethnic Studies; Jailene Rodriguez, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Megan K. Ronco, Senior, BioHealth Sciences.

Sheridan L. Rutland, Senior, Design & Innovation Management; Alyssa R. Schaecher, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Natalia E. Schilling, Junior, Civil Engineering; Isaac S. Short, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Matthew P. Sleeper, Senior, Chemical Engineering.

Sarah J. Stolz, Senior, Accountancy; Tristan B. Thiel, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Kelly H. Thomson, Senior, Sociology; Sarah A. Ussery, Junior, Sociology; Alexandra B. Watson, Senior, Kinesiology.

Zachary D. Watson, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Rhand S. Wood, Sophomore, Biochemistry & Molecular Biolo.


Hannah G. Brown, Junior, Bioengineering; Andrew K. Byres, Senior, Finance; Martin A. Escoto, Junior, Computer Science; Moises I. Falcon, Freshman, General Engineering; Lauren A. Gallick, Sophomore, Business Administration.

Eduardo E. Gonzalez, Sophomore, Computer Science; Caitlin P. Henshaw, Sophomore, Graphic Design; Jose L. Herrera, Senior, Civil Engineering; Melanie A. Meador, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Abigail L. Miller, Junior, Sociology.

Brandon C. Morgan, Freshman, Marketing; Kyle R. Paratore, Junior, Accountancy; Sebastian E. Perfecto, Freshman, Business Administration; Sean M. Stephenson, Freshman, General Engineering.


Jacob T. Alred, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Taylor R. Buccello, Junior, Biology; Miranda R. Campbell, Senior, Biology; Caleb T. Centanni, Senior, Music; Kimberly G. Dowe, Senior, Accountancy.

Michaela Eugster, Post Baccalaureate, Biology; Camden A. Freilinger, Junior, Biology; Clark T. Gallagher, Sophomore, Kinesiology; Alexandra E. Gregg, Senior, Geography & Geospatial Science; AnneMarie V. Hasbrook, Senior, Bioengineering.

Anna Law, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; David R. Leep, Freshman, General Engineering; Hazel R. Lydum, Freshman, Public Health; Sabrina L. Marter, Senior, Liberal Studies; Dayna C. Mulkey, Junior, Business Administration.

Sydney M. Nash, Freshman, General Engineering; Jacob L. North, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Samuel T. Oldham, Senior, Accountancy; Jessica Pico-Peron, Senior, Environmental Sciences; James H. Rand, Senior, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences.

Mayra Trujillo, Junior, Marketing.


Kristina L. Aare, Senior, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences; Austin D. Ailstock, Junior, Kinesiology; Jordan P. Arritola, Senior, Public Health; Jacob A. Bartholomew, Senior, Management; Ryan R. Baxter, Sophomore, Business Administration.

Alia I. Campbell, Senior, Art; Dustin Campbell, Senior, Zoology; Justin M. Chamness, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kaci B. Cheavtharn, Senior, Nutrition; Shelby D. Conway, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.

Veronica A. Cooke, Sophomore, General Engineering; Steven M. Copple, Junior, Biology; Ashlie C. Cowart, Senior, Horticulture; Alexis Crenshaw Sterling, Sophomore, Sociology; Noor S. Dhote, Junior, Biochemistry & Molecular Biolo.

Logan M. Divelbiss, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Emma D. Dunn, Junior, Psychology; Zach J. Elms, Sophomore, Computer Science; Michael D. Enck, Junior, Geography & Geospatial Science; Garrett C. Evans, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.

Michael P. Fagan, Senior, Computer Science; Tyson P. Fairhurst, Sophomore, Computer Science; Quentin A. Francis, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Timothy A. Goloviznin, Freshman, General Engineering; Gauge M. Hartwell, Senior, Computer Science.

James H. Hathaway, Freshman, General Engineering; Minami Holman, Senior, Psychology; Kailee A. Horton, Junior, Kinesiology; Logan S. Johnson, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Keaton A. Jones-Gratiot, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.

Samuel E. Kenyon, Senior, Business Administration; Samuel R. Kerr, Junior, Public Health; McKenzie R. Kress, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Grace J. Layton, Senior, Psychology; Ryan E. Leopold, Junior, Physics.

Tanner R. Levenhagen, Senior, Psychology; Matthew G. Litwin, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering; Brittany A. Lundy, Junior, Business Administration; Tania J. Marcelino, Senior, Accountancy; Marcianna G. Martin, Junior, Merchandising Management.

Alexander T. McArthur, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Daniel C. Mcneely, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Jordan P. Meulink, Sophomore, Business Administration; Haley Miles, Freshman, General Engineering; Alexandria S. Montgomery, Sophomore, Microbiology.

Nixxon A. Montgomery, Senior, Political Science; Madelyn R. Moore, Freshman, Business Administration; Zinn K. Morton, Junior, General Engineering; Telaney A. Newton, Senior, Public Health; Caileun H. Nguyen, Junior, Biology.

Dillon N. Nguyen, Sophomore, Computer Science; Amani J. Noor, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Kalena D. Norton, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Reina N. Paez, Senior, Biochemistry & Molecular Biolo; Jordan W. Peterson, Sophomore, Computer Science.

Emma R. Pettit, Junior, Graphic Design; Madison L. Plaisted, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Jason R. Poe, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering; Hannah M. Raschkes, Sophomore, Design & Innovation Management; Nicole D. Raschko, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.

Ryan D. Rasmussen, Junior, Spanish; Gage M. Redding, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Katie G. Sawtelle, Senior, Public Health; Hannah R. Sonnen, Sophomore, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Connor C. Suderman, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.

Erik J. Swanson, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering; Hannah S. Tallan, Freshman, Finance; Kyle R. Trevis, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Ashley M. Van Winckel, Sophomore, Public Health; Hannah M. Vogt, Sophomore, Biology.

Makayla E. Whiteley, Freshman, Natural Resources; Elizabeth A. Zimbelman, Sophomore, Nutrition.

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