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Construction crews work at what will be the front entrance to Roth’s market.

MONMOUTH — The buildings at Ash Creek Station, the development at the S-Curves, are starting to take shape.

Construction on the commercial complex started earlier this year, but because of unanticipated costs, the owner and developer asked the city for some financial assistance.

The long-vacant property is owned by Jack Fox, of Salem, and is being developed by White Oak Construction, also of Salem.

The Monmouth Urban Renewal Agency approved an agreement on Oct. 1 to put $300,000 toward system development charges.

Scott McClure, whose last day as city manager was Oct. 5, presented the agreement to URA members: city councilors and Mayor Cec Koontz.

“They’ve hit some unexpected costs,” McClure said. “One is just the overall construction market.”

System development charges and wetlands mitigation costs also were higher than anticipated.

“What they’re looking for is just some assistance to help with the project,” he said. “Anything that we can provide really helps them control their costs, which then translates into to rents down the road. You don’t want to have a complex where you’re charging such high rent that you have vacant spaces or businesses struggle.”

SDC funds are payable when a building permit is applied for. Fox and White have until Dec. 31 to apply for permits that the $300,000 credit would go toward.

The first building, which will house Roth’s Fresh Market, is scheduled to be completed by mid-May, said Paul Beals, of White Oak Construction.

“This urban renewal contribution to the project is something that helps us as a developer to help offset the increasing costs,” Beals said. “We’re in a booming economy; our subcontractors’ costs are significantly higher than three years ago,”

So far, Tractor Supply Company, Roth’s and Taco Bell are scheduled to be part of the new center, Beal said.

“We pretty much have all the pads spoken for,” Beal said.

The development includes a total of three drive-thru business, a day care and two other retail spaces listed for future development.


On Oct. 4, Roth’s Fresh Markets sent a news release about their new location to the Itemizer-Observer.

The grocer has been in the Monmouth and Independence community since 1983.

Their location at Ash Creek Station is 34,000-square feet, and will add more than 5,000-square feet of new retail space, according to the release.

They intend to add a Kitchen Grill, and expand their meat and produce departments.

Additionally, there will be indoor and outdoor cafe seating areas, a growler fill station, drive-up bakery window, and sushi kitchen, according to the release.

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