DALLAS — The Dallas School Board gave the Dallas Booster Club permission to move forward with installing turf on Ron August Field this summer.

The club still is a little short on its fundraising goal but has options to fill that gap if continued fundraising efforts don’t reach that amount. As of Monday, the Boosters have raised $826,075 in cash and in-kind donations.

“The bottom line is that we have $11,000 left to raise,” said Booster Club President Stephanie Earhart. “In the grand scheme of things, that doesn’t sound like very much. We’ll get there, but we also have a donor that has pledged $10,000 to be paid in 2019, and we also have $60,000 if we need it, which I don’t think we will.”

Kizer Excavating, owned by board member Matt Posey, has donated general contractor services to oversee the project.

Posey said the project could start as soon as the day after Dallas High School’s graduation on June 9.

“If everything goes well, we hope to have a usable turf field by the middle of September,” Posey said. “It’s just around the corner and it’s real this time. It’s pretty exciting to see it happen.”

Earhart said the club is working on the details of a groundbreaking ceremony on the project after graduation and before excavation starts.

“We are hoping to have everyone there who has been a part of it and from the community who want to attend,” she said.

“I just appreciate all the hard work and the countless hours,” said Mike Bollman, the board’s chairman. “You’ve all just gone above and beyond.”

The board granted permission for the project to start in June on a unanimous vote.

“The support from the community has been great. I know we’ve said it a hundred times, but it really has been,” Earhart said.

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