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Memorial Day weekend is a popular time for visitors to enjoy their public lands, and, this year, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is providing tips for safe and responsible recreation.

The BLM encourages visitors to be aware of public health guidance and to be stewards of public lands every time you visit:

Know and follow Federal, state, and local public health guidance as well as guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Come prepared, be flexible, and have a plan “B” if the area is crowded. For COVID-19 information relating to BLM-administered public lands in Oregon and Washington, please visit:

Protect natural and cultural resources on public lands and be respectful of other users and neighboring communities.

Practice Leave No Trace principles and leave your public lands cleaner than you found them.

Avoid unnecessary risks while recreating to prevent overwhelming hospitals and clinics. Bring a first aid kit, know the location of your nearest clinic or hospital, and be prepared for emergencies. Additionally, the Pacific Northwest is facing dry weather conditions with little precipitation recorded this spring. This means it is important for visitors to be mindful of wildfire potential:

Follow fire restrictions in every area you visit to prevent human-caused wildfires. Fire restrictions for BLM-administered lands in Oregon and Washington can be found at

Respect post-fire closure areas that remain in effect from the 2020 fire season. Due to the large burn areas, many locations impacted by last year’s fires are still closed for safety. For more information go to: and

Avoid activities that may cause fire or create sparks. Remember, fireworks, exploding targets, and metal targets are not allowed on BLM-administered public lands in Oregon and Washington.

Ensure your campfire or grill is cool to the touch before you leave. Use the “drown, stir, and feel” method, and do not leave until the site is cold to the touch.“Public lands across the country are seeing an increase in visitor use and it is more important than ever for visitors to do their part to protect and preserve America’s public lands,” said BLM Oregon/Washington State Director Barry Bushue. “We are asking visitors to be stewards of their public lands every time you visit. Be careful with fire, be aware of fire restrictions or closures, and pack out everything with you when you leave.”For more safety tips, visit

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