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The Central High School production class rehearse “School House Rock,” which opens May 8.

INDEPENDENCE —The actors in Central High School’s production of “School House Rock” are pulling double duty — they’re also on the tech team.

“This class is production workshop,” said co-director Wendy Boyack. “They learn about the entire process.”

The play is based on the iconic animated educational shorts of the same name by Bob Dorough.

It lasts a little more than an hour, so there is not an intermission.

“We chose it because it is fun,” Boyack said.

The audience can expect to learn about conjunctions, adverbs and how a bill becomes a law.

Students learned that and more while preparing for the production.

Amanda Larios, who was part of the publication team, said she was surprised by how many drafts it took to come up with a design which was used for the T-shirts and posters.

“They learned about branding,” said co-director Jeff Witt.

Zack Vinyard, who worked on props, said one of the things he learned from this process is how much communication is needed between each of the different tech jobs.

The actors also worked on the sets.

“They created pretty much all of it on their own,” Boyack said.

Ethan Love, the set design manager, said he gained an appreciation for how much work goes into a set, even a small one.

Because it is part of a class, students did all that work as well as most of the rehearsing during scheduled class time, which is less than an hour a day.

Lillian Boyack, who plays Interplanet Janet, also was the choreographer.

She teaches dance to preschoolers but said teaching high-schoolers is a lot different.

Lillian said she tried to think of moves that were challenging and fun, but within the ability of the actors.

After their performances, which start Wednesday, May 8, they’ll be taking the show on the road – to the elementary schools.

See the show

What: “School House Rock”

Where: Central High School, 1530 Monmouth St., Independence

When: 7 p.m. on May 8, May 9, May 10 and May 11;

2 p.m. on May 11

Admission: Tickets are $5 and may be purchased online at or at the box office.

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