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Dallas is enforcing parking time limits again.


DALLAS — As Dallas begins to reopen more, and you head downtown to shop, eat or maybe see a movie, remember that the city has begun enforcing parking tickets again.

Parking ticket enforcement was paused in March when the state was ordered to stay at home by Gov. Kate Brown in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Since government buildings were closed, such as the Polk County courthouse, people’s ability to go to court and challenge or pay a citation were hindered, said Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Jerry Mott, which is why the ticket-writings stopped.

Now that the county is in Phase 2, the city is enforcing those tickets.

“Some parking enforcement was authorized May 28,” said Mott. “But they will start in earnest (on June 12) as we start moving (into) Phase 2.”

Parking tickets written for violations such as staying in a parking spot longer than the allotted regulated time is $20. Fines for parking illegally in a handicapped space are higher.

If you get a parking ticket, head to city hall and take care of it through the finance office.

Mott says if you receive a ticket and you believe it was an unfair citation, you have the option to request a hearing or trial through Polk County’s courts.

The only regulated parking is in the downtown area where there is signage; a free parking lot exists on Jefferson street, between the fire station and city hall.

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