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The Taylor’s Fountain sign was retained as part of a recent remodel and restoration of the former Taylor’s Fountain building in downtown Independence.


INDEPENDENCE — Independence embraces its historic ties along the downtown corridor. But the challenge of owning historic property is keeping up with the affects of Father Time.

To help offset project costs on these historic properties over the next year, the city of Independence is offering competitive matching grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 for certain types of work.

Eligible projects include historic window repair/replacement, restoration of porches or historic building details, and structural repairs. City Planner Fred Evander said $12,000 in total are available in the program.

“It gives us a chance revitalize historic architecture, boost the look of downtown, and help folks struggling do projects they’ve been interested in. It’s a good program,” said Evander.

Evander said there are between 100 to 200 total properties that can qualify for a grant. A project proposal must include:

• Be for contributing buildings in the Independence National Historic District.

• Be consistent with the Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation.

• Include a five-year maintenance/preservation agreement for the property, signed by the property owner.

• Be matched dollar-for-dollar by the property owner and include a bid for the improvement work.

• Be completed by Aug. 31, 2022.

To be considered for the grant requires the following materials be submitted:

• The Certified Local Government (CLG) Development Grant Project Packet Cover Form, including the required submittals:

• A preservation and maintenance agreement.

• A bid for the project from a licensed contractor.

Submittals are required by July 1.

Selected projects will be contacted by July 15. Evander said due to funding requirements, all work proposed must be approved by the state of Oregon and will not be reimbursed until at least September.

The $12,000 for the program is provided to the City of Independence through funds offered by the National Park Service, administered by the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office.

To learn more about the program, contact Evander at (503) 837-1168 or fevander@ci.independence.or.us.

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