Building a bike & bed

Cyclist Marshall Guthrie, left, talks with DDA Manager Gabriel Leon and Marlene Cox about a project that would build a bike hostel on the upper floors of Cox's buildings at 904 Main St. and 115 SE Court St. in downtown Dallas..

DALLAS – The Dallas Downtown Association and a building owner Marlene Cox received a $200,000 Main Street Revitalization Grant help build a bike hostel on the upper floors of Latitude One restaurant and a yoga studio in downtown Dallas.

The grant also will pay for seismically retrofitting the buildings, located at 904 Main St. and 115 SE Court St.

“It was very competitive, and we were funded to the fullest level,” said DDA Manager Gabriel Leon. “The purpose of the Main Street Revitalization Grant is to provide a spark for a lot of these rural main streets to become modernized economies that can support tourism and other economic development.”

The grant will pay for: seismic retrofitting; shoring up the southwest corner of building, which is sinking; replacing the roof; and repairing plumbing and electrical in the building.

The Main Street grant will pay for about half of the bike hostel project and the DDA and Cox will apply for more grants to finish construction. The $200,000 will allow the project to begin, Leon said.

Once finished, the hostel will have 30 to 40 beds and a few private rooms. It’s expected to generate about $250,000 in tourist spending in the downtown area.

“Particularly for our restaurants and retail, that will be a big boost,” Leon said.

The Oregon Heritage division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department awarded 30 grants worth $5.2 million to Oregon Main Street Network organizations across the state for building projects that encourage economic revitalization, according to a OPRD press release.

For more on this story, see the May 8 edition of the I-O.


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