DALLAS — Seven candidates are vying for four open positions on the Dallas City Council, while Mayor Brian Dalton runs unopposed for re-election.

All candidates returned the questionnaire sent out by the Itemizer-Observer. Meet your candidates:


NAME: Brian Dalton

AGE: 70

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Owner, Dalton Land & Cattle Co.

EDUCATION: Dallas High School, Graduate, 1966; Colgate University, Hamilton, New York, Bachelors in English, 1970; Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, Masters in public administration specializing in city management, 1972; and Army Command and General Staff College, Graduate, 1986.

PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT SERVICE: Management Intern, City of Dallas, Summer 1968; Regular US Army Officer, 1972-1993 (retired as a Lt. Colonel); Dallas City Council, 2001-2010 (Council President, 2009-2010); Mayor, City of Dallas, 2011- Present; and President-Elect, Oregon Mayors Association, current.


HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN THE AREA YOU WILL REPRESENT: In the Dallas area (apart from education and military service) – 70 years. Within the city limits of Dallas - 18 years.

Why are you running for office?

Being Mayor of Dallas is a great honor and responsibility. I’m currently engaged in many important projects for the improvement of our community with several more on the horizon. There is much left to do and I plan to be there to help.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

• Managing Growth – Dallas is a great and popular place to live. It will grow, likely quickly. I will continue to work hard to meet the consequent demands (utilities, traffic, management, etc.) while maintaining our cherished small-town feel.

• Maintaining Trust – We live in cynical times regarding government. However, small cities like Dallas should remain responsive, innovative, competent and trusted by our citizens. Government here should be “us,” not “them.”

• More with Less – Demands on our government are growing faster than our resources can keep up. Shortfalls abound (public safety, street repairs, etc.). My job is to inspire our citizens to appreciate this situation and help us resolve this challenge.

• Prosperity - During the Great Recession we lost our major industries and still have too many vacant commercial buildings. Economic development remains a steep hill for us to climb. I will continue to work hard to fix this.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office?

Practically speaking, I have the education, experience, worldwide perspective (lived in London, Germany and Korea), foresight, family history of service to this community since 1899 and tirelessness to tackle every aspect of the daily demands of being your mayor. Rather than becoming complacent or burdened by the challenges, I find the work increasingly rewarding. By nature, I am not a “big ego” style of mayor, I am simply drawn to identifying and solving problems. I trust this is helpful.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

Being mayor of Dallas is a remarkable privilege, some real work and occasionally fun. I’d like to keep on doing it.

Council candidates

NAME: Larry Briggs

AGE: 58

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: State of Oregon-Procurement & Contract Specialist-3 years

EDUCATION: Dallas High School, 1978; Villanova University-Lean Six Sigma (Government) Certificate

PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT SERVICE: State of Oregon-Procurement & Contract Specialist


CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: Facebook-Larry Briggs-City Council



Why are you running for office?

With 28 years of experience in the private sector in management I understand and appreciate fiscal stability.

With the State of Oregon, I am an expert in Public Contracts and Procurement. With a Lean Six Sigma certificate, I am trained and experienced in finding waste in government processes.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

Dallas is a growing community, and with that growth presents challenges. Our city will not survive on residential growth alone. Supporting our local businesses, recruiting new businesses, preserving the downtown core area, providing services for our seniors, and maintaining current services are vital to our community.

As our town grows, it presents a burden on the current infrastructure. Water, sewer, roads, police and fire are all being stressed over capacity. The next four years will require a council that can effectively address these issues and craft a budget where we aren’t faced with shortfalls that threaten the closure of services or reduction of force within our city services.

Fiscal stability is paramount while reviewing these services. We must not compromise our parks, aquatic center, library, and other services our city cherishes.

If elected, I promise you a voice and transparency in our government.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office?

Three years ago I chose to leave the private sector and pursue a position with the State of Oregon as a Procurement and Contract Specialist, writing and reviewing public contracts, grants, bids, and proposals. Working for the State of Oregon, I obtained a Certificate in Lean Six Sigma from Villanova University where I utilize this knowledge to identify and help tackle government waste, fraud and abuse in public contracting.

These skills and knowledge for fiscal responsibility, identifying government waste, collaborating with stakeholders, and negotiating a responsible outcome are proven attributes I have to be a successful councilperson.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

I have lived in Dallas most of my life, and graduated from Dallas High School in 1978.

My wife and I raised two sons in Dallas. My mother is also a Dallas resident. We are deeply rooted in this community and cherish the environment Dallas offers.

NAME: Jim Fairchild

AGE: 79

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Retired. Former teacher and owner of Fairchild Painting and Construction, 1970-2017.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of arts, Linfield College, 1961; Masters of education, Linfield College, 1966.

PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE: Dallas City Council, 1998-2000; 2010 to present; League of Oregon Cities Board of Directors, 2002 to present, president 2006; National League of Cities, community and economic development committee, 2001 to present, steering committee, 2003-present; and Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments, 2000 to present, chairman 2013.




Why are you running for office?

I have enjoyed the challenges and rewards of working to keep Dallas a safe and very livable community in spite of budgetary restrictions, changing sociological values and employment opportunities. I would like to continue having an active role in creating an even better and more vibrant community.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

Most of the critical issues facing the council are strongly affected by finances. Oregon cities of all sizes are expressing the same concerns – not enough revenue to cover all needs. The restrictions of Measure 5 and 50 do not allow cities to work effectively. So, Dallas Council must stretch its resources to the max and in the past has done a pretty good job of keeping key infrastructure (water, sewer, streets, parks, etc.) up-to-date. Major weaknesses would be fire and police are crowded into inadequate facilities and are understaffed. First steps were recently made to develop funding to hire additional police and fire, but more needs to be done. Funds must be found to either/ or remodel or build adequate facilities. Recently, progress has been made and needs to continue, to make downtown more attractive to out-of-town visitors. We need to do the same for commercial and manufacturing businesses.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office?

First, experience: I’ve see many things work and fail over the years and can keep us from wasting time on already tried projects, as well as recognizing new approaches that, although radical, might contain a key item or approach that opens new doors or ideas.

Second, I have developed friendships and contacts that range from local to national individuals and organizations. In the past this has been helpful in getting Dallas needs, ideas and people through doors that would not have been open to us otherwise.

Also, I have been told I unite rather than divide and have common sense.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

Many times citizens feel the council has a larger ability to do or change things than it actually has. The council’s power is limited to city and, other than lobbying, does not have the power to significantly change what is occurring at the state and national levels.

NAME: Bill Hahn

AGE: 71


EDUCATION: Albany Union High School; attended Oregon College of Education; attended Meritt Davis School of Commerce, public accounting; Chemeketa Community College, associates degree in fire science.

PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT SERVICE: Volunteer firefighter – 1970-1983. City of Dallas Fire & EMS – November 1983 to December 2013. Dallas City Council – 2014-present.



Why are you running for office?

After serving the community for 40 years through fire and EMS, I decided to pursue the council position. Knowledge of how the city works as an employee allow me to understand the workings of the council more clearly. The ability to understand how policies are developed and implemented.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

The critical issues facing our community are budget and providing the community with their wishes. Community wants police, fire & EMS, water, sewer, parks, library and aquatic center. All of these require funding. Many years ago property taxes provided well over 60 percent of budget needs. Now property taxes only provide approximately 40 percent. Finding other sources of funding has to be creative. The development of a new sub-division doesn’t bring enough money to cover the needs. Attempts to attract new business is the goal of the economic development department, however, our distance from I-5 makes this difficult. Some success is occurring with the addition of Jiffy Lube, the building of the new Grocery Outlet and the remodel of Wal-Mart. Positive things are occurring.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office?

Working both as an employee and serving on the council helped me understand the need of the community. Willing to discuss the concerns of the community with anyone interested. Wanting to serve the community that provided me and my wife a place to raise three daughters that have moved forward with their careers. I believe I am a good listener, willing to discuss any topic one may have.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

In serving our community these last four years, I have only missed one meeting because of a family emergency. I do not own or operate a business, nor do I have any special agenda. My desire is to serve the residents of Dallas.

NAME: Tawnya Kreft

AGE: 37

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Secretary, 4.5 years

EDUCATION: Juneau Douglas High School; Oregon State University, BA Intercultural Relations, 2005.


CAMPAIGN PHONE: 971-701-0511

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: fb.me/4polkcounty


Why are you running for office?

I believe a strong community is anchored in a spirit of collaboration. I have the skills and experience to connect various segments in Dallas, to find shared objectives, to help develop solutions. I listen, I am connected to our community, I work hard, and I take action.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

Housing issues need to be addressed. Oregon has the 17th most expensive rental market nationwide (NLIHC) and 15.4% of Dallas families live in poverty (USCB). Age diversity is an essential ingredient to economic growth. Losing families to places with more employment hurts Dallas’s likelihood of becoming more fiscally assured. We must not overlook another factor that provides real economic benefits to a community – reasonable cost housing.

New construction of housing intended for families navigating poverty partnered with programs rehabbing existing homes will increase availability of jobs. Contractors, construction trade, and local businesses benefit. The city will see increased income from building licensing fees. Homes and apartments built on vacant/underutilized land are cost-effective.

There is good news for our city. MINET high speed internet will be in Dallas. Also, in 2018-2019 and beyond, an expansion in street repairs is projected with additional $300,000 from statewide gas tax.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office?

After college I completed national service with AmeriCorps VISTA as a program coordinator for Albany Partnership for Housing and Community Development. I’m trained in not-for-profit management, technical writing and grant writing. I worked for an outdoor guiding company and with children in foster care. I have completed internships with the Public Health Department in Alaska and the Children’s Farm Home near Corvallis. I am a board member of Friends of the Dallas Public Library, and help oversee the Dallas Indoor Play Park. As a tour guide I learned how to present to groups.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

Almost everything we experience is affected by government. Our social surroundings and well-being are impacted by policies and by the leaders who represent us. Consider too, in the 2014 election for Dallas City Council, the margin between two of the candidates was just one vote.

NAME: Jackie Lawson

AGE: 53

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Self-employed 22 years.

EDUCATION: Seattle Pacific University BA 1987; Western Oregon University post grad program for polygraph 1999; Kent Meridian High School, 1988.

PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT SERVICE: School Board Budget committee;Polk County Housing Authority Commissioner

City of Dallas city councilor 2007-present.

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE : See my Facebook fan page.


Why are you running for office?

I was created to serve. City Council gives me the opportunity to be a conservative voice to serve the families of Dallas. My principled approach to government is grounded in honesty, fairness, logic, practicality and balance. As a business owner, I have my ear on the heartbeat of the economy.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

Water in adequate resources to supply our future managed growth;

Streets- continue to support the direction we are going to fund and get streets repaired;

Business- continue to pioneer NEW stable business growth in Dallas, which in turn brings employment and sustainance for our community.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office?

I am a common-sense conservative who can listen, without partiality, to differing positions and then make decisions that are measured; all while trying to find a commonality that differing sides have. I have a passion for Dallas. The areas near and dear to my heart are the City’s downtown, businesses and therefore jobs, as well as its future generations. I have worked tirelessly to make positive change for our community’s future. We are on the cusp of seeing those changes within the next few months. I do not need time for a learning curve to further implement positive change.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

I understand the challenges facing Oregon’s workers and employers. I will continue to work for economic growth by holding the line on new taxes and creating a better business environment. I understand the stimuli necessary for growth and re-appropriation of tax dollars to effectively put more money into resident’s pockets.

NAME: Michael Schilling

EDUCATION: Master of Business Administration, Oregon State University 199; Bachelor - Agriculture and Resource Economics, Minor in Political Science and Business, Oregon State University 1989.

PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT SERVICE: Polk County Planning Commission – Commissioner - 2008 to present. Polk County Planning Commission – Chair - 2016 to present.


Why are you running for office?

I believe individuals should give back to their home communities. Fellow citizens have encouraged me to run for city council, citing that I am well qualified and uniquely aware of community needs. I believe the public needs to be informed on the challenges and opportunities that face the city Dallas.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

• Business in Downtown Core — Continue to promote and encourage through staff support and education new businesses that are sustainable. By sustainable I refer to: offering patrons an experience, product, or destination not readily available on the Internet.

• Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair — Prioritize Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair, working to find alternative funding sources.

• Fire Life Safety — Prioritize Fire Life Safety as part of the general budget not an afterthought. We are an aging and growing community that is requiring services to be provided at higher levels.

• Financial and Spending Transparency — Continue to educate and provide transparent information to the community. Promote citizens to become active in the Dallas Community.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office?

I have worked with the city in several different capacities. Through my college education, running a private business for 19 years, working in land use planning / development and the construction industry, I have become skilled in developing complex estimates and budgets, funding sources, interaction with individuals and governmental agencies. I have been a citizen of Dallas for over 25 years and thus know firsthand some of the challenges that are facing our community. I enjoy interacting with people with different views and perspectives and finding common ground for greatest success in our team efforts.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

I look forward to working with the citizens of Dallas and city staff if elected.

NAME: David Shein

AGE: 67


EDUCATION: Coachella Valley High School, Thermal CA (Grad. 1968); and Loyola University of Los Angeles, 1969-72 (no degree)

PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT SERVICE: Dallas City Council -- 2007-2010; Dallas Planning Commission — 2011-present (Vice President); Dallas Urban Renewal District Advisory Committee — 2007-present (Chair); and Dallas Charter Committee (Chair) – 2014.



Why are you running for office?

We live in complex times and face difficult challenges. Dallas needs a city council that will make the hard choices based on what best serves the whole community, not what makes some special interest or focus group happy. I will do that.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

Public safety services (police, fire, ambulance) have not kept up with population; the lengthening response times we now experience are the result. We must find ways to expand services or our prized quality of life will not survive.

Clean water is one of city government’s most critical jobs. Without it, nothing else matters. Without water, there is no town and no one who needs protecting. The watershed that furnishes our drinking water is controlled by big companies, not by us. That needs to change.

Dallas needs more industry to sustain the economic engine that supports our great life here. We have lost much of our industrial base over the years and we need to replace it. Doing that will help rebuild the tax base we need to provide jobs and all those other good things. Attracting and retaining more industry has to be a top priority.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office?

I have served on numerous boards including the Planning Commission, the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee, the City Charter Committee, the Utility Rates Committee and others. Each job has given me insight into a different facet of city services, and the result of that experience is a broad view of city operations, needs, and problems. I will bring that breadth of experience to the job of making policy for the entire city.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

Serving our community in numerous volunteer roles has been hard work, an unparalleled learning experience, and in many ways the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. It would be a privilege and an honor to take it to the next level.

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