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Dallas City Councilor Jackie Lawson resigned from the council on Friday, April 16. The remaining councilors are in the process of replacing her.


DALLAS – The Dallas City Council unanimously approved a resolution on Monday night that denounces racism and promotes civility, compassion and kindness.

The resolution declares: “racism, racial injustice, bigotry and hatred have no place in our community” and “we cherish our Dallas community and are committed to safeguarding our community against acts of racism and hatred, and to see that our city is a place that welcomes and values all residents and visitors, treating each other with compassion, kindness and respect.”

At the council’s March 1 meeting, Councilor Kirsten Collins recommended that the city adopt a resolution denouncing racism within the city of Dallas. That recommendation was taken up by the council’s Public Administration Committee, which studied examples of resolutions approved in other cities and on March 22 unanimously approved one for the full council’s consideration.

At Monday’s council meeting, Council President Michael Schilling made a motion to move the resolution to the top of the agenda. The move required the council suspend its meeting rules to revise the order of business, which needed six or the nine councilors to approve it.

“I feel that this matter is of (such) importance to be the first item considered,” Schilling said. “All letters received from the public have been in favor of condemning racism, and it has come out of committee with a unanimous vote in full support.”

Councilor Jackie Lawson seconded the motion. All nine councilors voted to make the resolution the first item the council acted on at the meeting.

The resolution states that the council “condemns all forms of racism, discrimination, bigotry and hatred, and reaffirms its commitment to the human and civil rights of all, including the right of every person to be free from discrimination on account of their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, age, disability or familial status,” and that the council is “committed to engaging all citizens in developing a deeper understanding for people whose life experiences are different from their own.”

The council approved the resolution unanimously without further discussion.

In other business, the council:

Heard a report from the Friends of the Dallas Aquatic Center (FDAC) that now that the pool is open, 10 more businesses have purchased banners to bring the total to 20.

“We got kind of a slow start because the pool wasn’t open. We did have 10 businesses that renewed for the full year even though the pool wasn’t open. Now, we have 10 more that have joined,” said Ann Hurd, president of the FDAC. “These businesses have been so supportive of the aquatic center the last couple of years and we couldn’t do everything we do without their support.

The businesses are: First American Title, Brixius Jewelers. Bollman Funeral Home. Craven Woods Insurance, Dallas Antique Mall, Daryll’s Nursery, Furniture Restoration, Heartstrings Florist, Home Comfort, Jeff Lange, Willamette Valley Fiber and Minet, Out of Gravity Massage, Tim’s Automotive, Mitch Ratzlaff — State Farm, Van Well Building Supply, Williamson & Aebi CPA, World Gym, Washington Street Grill, Willamette Acupuncture, and real estate agent Donna Graham.

“We really thank these people for continuing to support our efforts to support the Dallas Aquatic Center,” Hurd said.

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