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The Dallas City Council approved a street vacation on 11th Avenue.

DALLAS — The Dallas City Council vacated an unused portion of 11th Avenue, approving a proposal submitted by adjacent property owners Gerald and Rose McBride.

The portion of 11th Avenue in question is between Southwest Oakdale and Southwest Cherry avenues. It is vacant and has no utilities.

“Currently it’s not serving a use,” said Chase Ballew, Dallas city planner, at a public hearing on Aug. 5. “It’s forested.”

Ballew said Dallas Public Works may have an interest in placing a water line through the property as part of a system expansion. He said that is a condition of approval that the new owners allow the expansion, should it be necessary.

Ballew said Dallas Fire & EMS has no concern about the street vacation and concluded it would not affect response time to homes in the area.

“Clearly, they are not driving their fire trucks down the street currently,” Ballew said.

He said that the city code has street spacing standards of a maximum block length of 600 feet. With the street vacation approved, that block would be about 1,000 feet long.

“In that kind of scenario, one possible remedy is to have a pedestrian access way in lieu of a full street,” Ballew said.

City staff placed as a condition of approval that the new owners allow a 10-foot-wide pedestrian access.

According to the application, the property will be split evenly among the four owners bordering the strip of land, including the applicants.

Rose McBride said she and her husband made the request for the street vacation so they could remodel the house they bought as their retirement home.

“We really like this particular community, and looking at the house, which is quite old, looking at the way it is situated in its current configuration, it doesn’t allow us to do much remodeling or have a garage,” McBride said. “Vacating the street will allow us full use of our own property.”

Ann Houston lives on Southwest Cherry Street in the area affected by the vacation.

“I don’t think vacating it would make any difference because the street doesn’t even go through any place,” she said at the hearing. “I’m just in agreement that this is silly. It would be a silly waste of money to have the city try to do something with that property.”

The council approved the application unanimously with the conditions suggested.

“It’s pretty clear it should be vacated, but I think we need to make sure we reserve the easements, the utilities easement and the 10-foot access easement,” said Councilor Paul Trahan.

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