DALLAS — The bid for building Dallas School District’s new career and technical education building at the high school campus should go out soon.

The nearly 13,000-square-foot building is an upgrade on the current CTE facility, said project manager Tommy White, of Soderstrom Architects. It would be located at the south end of campus.

“That building is old; the space is not very functional,” White said during a presentation to the Dallas School Board. “There was a series of design meetings with the CTE teacher and the director. This is the scheme that we have resolved and then landed on.”

The building will contain a wood shop and metal shop, and two classrooms with space for up to 40 students. White said the pre-engineered metal building will have space to the east for an addition.

“That gives you an opportunity to expand the program,” White said.

Dallas School District facilities director Bob Archer said the bid is being prepared now. The building will be paid for with maintenance bond proceeds, and is estimated to cost about $2.6 million.

“Last week we met, did a land-use meeting with the city, and that went really well. We are on the docket for the (Dallas Planning Commission) March 10 meeting,” Archer said. “The planning committee, it seems like they’re willing to work with us and streamline everything through on our timeline. I really don’t anticipate any hang ups on their end.”

He said, if all goes as planned, the bid should be ready in March.

“I think we are rolling. It was all part of the plan within the bond, when they went out for the last bond,” Archer said. “The CTE design committee put a lot of work into this, and we are moving forward.”

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