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Michael Geissinger as Sebastian and Katinia Shinkle as Viola, also features Kala Geissinger and Cady Epperson in the background

DALLAS – Dallas High School Theatre premiered its production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night on Friday evening, following a “red carpet” reception at DHS for the actors and tech crew.

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Members of the cast and crew in Dallas High School Theatre's production of Twelfth Night.

Audiences can view the play at Dallas High School Theatre’s YouTube channel at

This is the second production DHS has done on film. The first was A Christmas Carol, which was filmed like a movie to help the cast and crew abide by COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time.

Twelfth Night is a stage performance on film. Director Hannah Fawcett said the change in format is important for students to get the full live theater experience.

“We wanted to give them the experience of being in a play again,” Fawcett said. “It was just really different to film it the other way. There’s kind of no resolution in a film. You finish your scenes and you go home. You don’t bow, and there is no curtain call. They actually got the full high school theatre experience, which is so important for students.”

Twelfth Night play was directed by Fawcett, filmed by Alicia Scherer and Darrin Hausler, edited by Alicia Scherer, and produced by Blair Cromwell. Additional technical support was provided by Matt Jurick and Linda Griffith.

For more on the production, see the May 26 edition of the I-O.

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