DALLAS — The Dallas City Council approved hiring Gene Green as the interim city manager starting in July.

Green, the interim public works director for the city, will serve between City Manager Greg Ellis’ retirement and when the permanent replacement takes over in August or September.

“I have over 38 years in various municipal management positions and 16 of those years working for cities in Oregon,” Green wrote in a letter to Mayor Brian Dalton and members of the city council. “My experience in city administration, public works, capital projects, economic development, and human resources allows me to contribute in all phases of municipal government.”

Green has a Master’s degree in human resource education, and a Bachelor’s degree in organization administration. He said he’s been an International City Manager’s Association credentialed city manager.

“I have an extensive background in labor relations, strategic planning, budgeting and project management,” Green wrote in the letter. “My reputation is that of a positive leader who makes timely decisions. My management style is one of collaboration, utilizing open communications and teamwork among employees and the community.”

Green has worked as the interim public works director since June 2018. He’s served as the city manager for the cities of Damascus – before it dis-incorporated in 2016 – Kearny, Arizona,  and Molalla.

There were four applicants for the position: Green; former Independence City Manager David Clyne; former Central Point city manager Phillip Messina; and Ross Schultz, who served in interim roles for the city of Willamina, Monmouth Independence Networks and the city of Independence.

Ellis said his recommendation is to hire Green for the position. He said once he takes over the city manager role, he would still oversee public works.

“Gene would overlap and basically do both jobs,” Ellis said.

He said Green will have help from the city’s new Assistant City Manager Emily Gagner.

Formerly the city’s human resources director and city recorder, she will retain the human resources role. Jeremy Teal, Ellis’ administrative assistant, will take over recorder duties.

“He’s going to take all of that on,” Gagner said.

Gagner said the city’s online recruitment program has streamlined the hiring process, so she will have time to assist where needed.

“Right now (she’s) not going to be running any departments,” Ellis said. “It’s going to be project-based.”

Ellis said none of the candidates for the interim position are going to apply for the permanent job.

A motion to name Green the interim manager passed unanimously.

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