DALLAS — Four Dallas Police officers were recently honored for their lifesaving efforts during two incidents in October 2019.

Deputy Chief Jerry Mott, Sgt. Mike Fleming and officers Jay Fox and Jane Burke were presented the Dallas Police Department’s Life Saving Award during a Dallas City Council meeting in January.

The first call was on Oct. 9, 2019, in the 900 block of Main Street in downtown and was called in as CPR-in-progress. Mott grabbed an AED and responded on foot. Fox responded to assist on the call.

“Upon arrival, officers observed a female victim who was exhibiting signs of an opiate overdose,” said Mayor Brian Dalton during the award presentation.

Fox gave the woman a dose of naloxone, which counteracts the effects of opiates, while Mott used the AED and started CPR.

Medics soon arrived to take over care of the patient.

“Dallas Fire & EMS Chief Todd Brumfield confirmed that the combined actions of Deputy Chief Mott and officer Fox contributed to the victim’s successful recovery,” Dalton said.

Fleming and Burke responded to a report of smoke coming from a residential apartment structure in downtown Dallas on Oct. 28, 2019.

Fleming forced his way into the smoke-filled apartment and located an unresponsive man in bed.

“Fleming dragged the victim out of the apartment where he and officer Burke were ultimately able to revive him,” Dalton said. “Neighbors also reported the victim had a small child who might be in the apartment. Fleming re-entered the apartment while Burke cared for the first victim.”

The child was not in the apartment.

“The efforts of Sgt. Fleming and officer Burke prevented more serious injury or death from smoke inhalation and made a positive impact on the victim’s ultimate survival,” Dalton said.

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