DALLAS – At the beginning of the race to fill the mayor’s seat and five spots on the Dallas City Council, 16 candidates were in the race.

Last week, the I-O published questionnaire responses from the three mayoral candidates and five of the council candidates. This week, readers will find the answers from the other eight council hopefuls.

However, two candidates for council, Zach Leigh and Casey Ocupe said they will no longer campaign for a seat on the council.

“Citizens can learn all about my personality and views by subscribing to my YouTube channel youtube.com/FreeSpeechNorthwest,” Ocupe said in his questionnaire response. “I have come to realize that my family needs me right now more than my need to serve, so I will not be actively campaigning.

If you like what I have to say, please reach out to the Polk County Republicans and Micky Garus for a list of the five candidates that can best serve Dallas.”

Leigh also said other responsibilities — he is a firefighter who recently just returned from battling fires — have to be a priority for him.

“After some contemplation and discussion with other candidates, due to the pool being so vast, rather than muddy the waters with additional people, I’ve decided that I’m going to back other candidates,” Leigh said.

Below you will find the answers from Kirsten Collins, Kim Fitzgerald, Terry Crawford, Zachary Brehm, Darcy Irving and Kathryn Rhoades.

Kirsten Collins, 52

Employment: I currently work for the state of Oregon. I am a policy analyst for the Oregon Department of Developmental Disabilities Services. I’ve been in this role for 5½ years. The majority of my career I served youth and families as a social services provider.

Education: Apple Valley High School, 1986 Victor Valley Community College – 1989. University of California, Riverside 1993. Majoring in child psychology and early childhood education.

Campaign FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Kirsten-Collins-for-Dallas-City-Council-102130444932665/

How long have you lived in Dallas? We moved our family to Dallas after college graduation – seeking that “small town” vibe. We’ve lived here, in the same home, since 1996.

Why are you running for office? Dallas is a lovely town full of amazing people. We deserve to have leaders that represent all of our voices, stand up against racism and inequality, and ensure that our fair city is a welcoming place for all residents and businesses.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

I love Dallas and its people. But I have been a little concerned with the direction Dallas has been taking with regards to equitable treatment of neighborhoods and our neighbors.

And I am concerned about the progress of our downtown buildings and our businesses. Dallas should work on promoting a welcoming atmosphere that attracts and retains a diverse set of residents and businesses. We need welcoming city officials. We need to build and maintain accessible, welcoming parks. We need reliable street lights and sidewalks, and we need gathering places where everyone feels comfortable and safe. Dallas should have sustainable infrastructure, and that includes our police officers, firefighters and EMTs. Most importantly, avenues to assure that essential services such as housing, food stability, public and mental health are available. Dallas must address and promote economic development and diversity. Our small-town vibe cannot survive if it is plagued with selfish small thinking.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office that would benefit the city?

Part of being a city councilor means that you need to be able to effectively discuss and negotiate difficult topics. We are living in especially stressful times.

If elected to City Council I promised to become educated about the topic before and during decision making. This means I will do 70% more listening than talking. Listening is a forgotten art. We are also busy making sure people hear what we have to say that we forget to listen and seek first to understand. I will also make sure to do my homework, gathering pertinent information from reliable sources prior to and during the decision-making process. If elected to Dallas City Council I promise to be aware of timeliness but not to make decisions in a hurry. I know if we rush, we are much more likely to make mistakes. Timeliness is important, but it’s not more important than being thorough.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking? I am a mom. I am your neighbor. I want to make sure that our City Council has a voice for all of us, in moving Dallas Forward.

Darcy Newton-Irving, 69

Employment: Retired two years ago.

Education: Western Oregon two years. Chemeketa Community College. Pre-nursing

Previous government service: Washington State Rehabilitation Advisory Council (1996-2002); Liasion to the Washington Mental Health Council (1998-2002)

Campaign phone number: 503-409-3935

Campaign email: darcynewtonirving@gmail.com.

How long have you lived in Dallas? Grew up here. Moved away and returned been back here for 20 years.

Why are you running for office?

Growing up here we had a vibrant city, and industry. I would like the opportunity I had for citizens that live here now, and for the future. We need to bring back industries that pay a living wage. Give support to our veterans and the homeless.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

Talking to people about the concerns they have about our traffic and safer roads. Especially on East Ellendale and Fir Villa! Over building of houses, but no new apartments. They mentioned the drought and worries about our water supply for the future. How do we obtain new industries and be able to support their needs? Helping the homeless. Education of the police, fire, and business owners about mental health issues!

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office that would benefit the city?

I have been a small business owner, and have experienced good times and hard times. From those experiences I educated myself on building alliances with newspapers, television stations, hotels, transportation, economic development council, and state agencies. My business was recognized by the State of Washington and I was appointed by the governor to represent small businesses for SW Washington State. The last seventeen years I worked for Salem-Keizer School Distric. The first five years as the employment specialist for the transition program. I did job development, training, and placement for students ages 18-21. I did Federal paperwork, helped with Individual Education Plans (IEP). Responsible for 30 students. Worked as a Special Programs IAII. In that position I worked as a one-on-one with students with special needs. Working along with the teacher to help the student gain independence!

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

A vote for Darcy Newton-Irving means a voice for you! My parents Tom and Darla Newton were first citizens, active in our church St.Thomas Episcopal. The Rotary Tom Newton Carshow, named in honor of my father. City council appointed my mother to the Library board for many years.

Terry L. Crawford, 69

Employment: Retired teacher since 2007

Education: M.S. Agriculture Education 1983, B.S. Ag. Education 1973, Middleton High School 1969

Previous government service: Dallas City Council (2017- Present)

Campaign phone number: 503 831 4690

How long have you lived in the area you will represent? Since May 2010

Why are you running for office?

I am running again because of my perception that the citizens of Dallas need someone who promotes the rights of the individual, fiscal responsibility, moral and ethical behavior, and public safety.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

In my view the major issues are still ones that fall under the constitutional mandates of government, commerce and public safety. I will support ways that will the improve streets as quickly as possible, ease the burden placed on private business and industry within Dallas, and expand the ability of police and fire/EMS to fully serve the citizens of Dallas.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office that would benefit the city?

I have a wealth of experience in conduct and operation of meetings, I personally wrote grant for over $1 million dollars for a small school district in Idaho (Culdesac), I served for 12 years as the school districts Technology Coordinator. The wisdom that comes from raising eight children, teaching high school and junior high students for 32 years, as well as working with parents and community members.

Kim Fitzgerald, 54

Current Employment: I am currently employed with the Dallas School District. I have been with the district as a special education assistant teacher since Sept 2008.

Education: Arroyo High School, graduating class 1983

Campaign FACEBOOK: Kim Fitzgerald for City Council

How long have you lived in Dallas? I have been a part of the Dallas community for 14 years.

Why are you running for office?

I am running for office because Dallas is my home. My family and I plan on living here for a long time. Recognizing that Dallas is growing, and that the city has added hundreds of new homes; and with those homes, new neighbors, friends, and members of the community. Growth is inevitable and is good, but it must be kept manageable and the infrastructure and economic opportunity must keep pace. With local businesses and city leaders, I hope to revive support for our local businesses and bring new business to the area to support the needs of our growing community.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

Safety is my highest priority. I believe that keeping citizens safe is paramount and the first duty of government. With the defund the police movement taking hold across the nation we must ensure our law enforcement officers and first responders are well-equipped to do their jobs to keep Dallas a safe place to live.

Business and infrastructure are also big issues for Dallas. While we welcome growth in our city, we must be responsible in ensuring that there are roads in good repair, shopping and adequate water supplies. With local businesses and city leaders I hope to revive support for our local businesses and bring new business to the area to support the needs of our growing community.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office that would benefit the city? For the last 11 years I have been a special education assistant Teacher. During that time, I have learned how to communicate as clearly as possible by listening over speaking and seeking to understand different perspectives. I work hard to clarify, probe, and combine ideas and questions, to understand concerns and leverage the expertise of others.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

The city of Dallas is near and dear to my heart. I raised my two sons here and much of my extended family resides here. I’ve witnessed the closeness and willingness to serve one another. It inspires me. I’m not a politician, but feel called to serve this community.

Zachary Brehm, 28

Employment: Willamette Valley Vineyards for about a year. Previously worked for Salem-Keizer Public Schools for five years, had to leave this position in order to begin the education program through Western Oregon University.

Education: Currently finishing my Bachelor’s of Science in Social Studies Education from Western Oregon University. Graduating with this degree December 2020.

Previous government service: This is my first endeavor into public service.

Campaign phone number: (503) 507-2346.

Campaign Facebook: Zachary Brehm for Dallas City Council.

How long have you lived in Dallas? 15 years.

Why are you running for office?

I want to make a difference in my community. It is also my goal to be a good example for my future students. I want them to see what it looks like when someone strives to actively participate in their local government. I am hoping to use real life experiences to better educate my students about both government and current events.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

I believe that one of the current issues that our city, and many others, are facing is the fact that a portion of our population does not feel that they are being treated as welcomed equals within the community. I believe that it is important to work towards a Dallas where people of all backgrounds feel welcome. I would address this issue by working with both the people of Dallas as well as various governmental organizations to find peaceful compromises.

What experience or talent do you believe you would bring to the office that would benefit the city?

I have a background in the social sciences, with my primary focus being on history and politics. My main goal is to be a positive influence for the city, as well as an educator, and I intend to use my knowledge of both political science, and historical precedence to inform my decisions. I also have significant experience in working with a wide variety of people, and I am able to use logic over emotions when it comes to decision making.

Anything else you wish to note about the position you are seeking?

I care about the city of Dallas, and I want to see the town thrive. I would like to see positive growth for the small business who are a crucial part of the community. My goal is to see Dallas become the best community it can be, not for myself, but for our future.

Kathryn Rhoades, 43

Employment: Walmart associate, three years

Education: South Salem High School, 1994; Attended classes in botany and minor in Native American Studies, Chemeketa Community College, 2002.

Previous government experience: Marion County Early Learning Hub, parent representative for Polk County; Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action, Dallas, parent representative; Oregon Head Start Association, Marion-Polk County representative; and Youth Representative for Downtown Youth Concerns Taskforce, 1992.

Campaign phone number: 971-218-3453

How long have you lived in Dallas? I moved to Dallas in 2005.

Why are you running for office?

Sometimes you are surprised as to what life calls of you. This is not one of those times for me. An entire life of adversity has called me to keep doing what I have always done: Work hard, boots on the ground, due diligence for the good of the place I have chosen to dedicate my life to – Dallas, Oregon.

The people in Dallas have helped me in my darkest hours. I plan on living in Dallas my entire life, so it seems natural to step in and try and care for this place in a way that really matters.

What are the critical issues facing the city? How would you address them if elected?

• COVID-19 - spending wisely and quickly.

• Public safety – fully funding Dallas Police Department

• Economic development – jobs, small business growth.

• Community growth – parks/community gardening, art, developing a food forest community garden model along the Rickreall Creek Trail.

• Housing.

Somethings I cannot control and just aim to do the next right thing, like the COVID situation.

What experience or talent would you bring to the office that would benefit the city?

I was born into a less-than-advantageous situation and have overcome many adversities that would have brought lesser women down. Many of my fellow residents face the same challenges. I aim to steer policy to give the people of Dallas the best possible outcome through hard work and due diligence. I have faced poverty, addiction, sexual abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, and gang violence among other afflictions and obstacles, but I am no victim. I’m an encourager. I’m a grateful member of this community.

I am a mother of seven wonderfully unique children. One of my children just this last week was accepted into Army Ranger School, so I make warriors. I am a scientist and a tinkerer as I learned that I can build things from my grandfather, Chester E. Weber, who built a small part of Salem and imparted his knowledge to me, his eager student.

Anything else you would like to note about the position you are seeking?

I’ve always sought my creator first and I do have a habit of seeking wise council of those who are further along than I am spiritually when I have hard things to deal with. I would be a fool not to. We are all in this together.

I have served in this manner before. In fact, I know or have met the heads of every agency, or the agency’s representatives in this area, that provide services to the people of Dallas and even Salem. I’ve always heard that my perspective is invaluable. It takes thoughtfulness, self-control and empathy.

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