DALLAS — On Monday, the Dallas School District board will vote on adopting the district’s 2019-20 budget.

On May 13, the district’s budget committee unanimously approved recommending the $55 million budget for adoption with few changes.

The passage of House Bill 3427, which would add $2 billion to education funding starting next year, was the topic of most discussion at the May 13 meeting.

“None of that funding will come in 2019-20. It will come in 2020-2021, next year’s budget,” said Debbie MacLean, the district’s director of fiscal services. “They are expecting that it will undoubtedly be referred to voters, so it still needs to pass that as well. It’s huge for our district, for every district.”

Superintendent Michelle Johnstone said each district will have to apply for “school improvement” grants that will require a process that includes feedback from community members.

“It will be a little bit different in terms of our school improvement process in Oregon will shift,” Johnstone said. “It will really have accountability to this particular grant. I’m not sure yet what that will look like because that’s in process of being defined.”

MacLean said the state would like that process to be completed in fall of 2019 and winter of 2020.

She said the legislature also passed a bill to increase the state school fund from $8.97 billion proposed by Gov. Kate Brown to $9 billion. This increased Dallas’ allotment by about $77,000, but she said it wasn’t enough to change the 2019-20 budget by the time the bill passed. She said the board can incorporate the funds at a later date without having to reconvene the budget committee.

DSD 2019-20 budget

General Fund: $37,054,631.

Special revenue grants and projects fund: $4,517,332

Capital construction bonds project: $4,875,000

Capital improvement acquisition projects: $3,550,000

Food services: $1,085,600

Student activity fund: $1,150,000

Debt service GO bonds: $2,967,660

Debt service fund, other facilities: $200,000

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