DALLAS — School lunch prices in the Dallas School District will increase by 10 cents for the upcoming school year.

The price bump is to comply with the USDA National School Lunch Program, which reimburses schools for free or reduced-cost meals served.

“This is required annually to calculate the paid lunch prices to make sure we are meeting the federal requirements of USDA,” said Debbie MacLean, the district’s director of fiscal services. “We’ve got to determine if we are charging enough based on the reimbursement rates for the free-and-reduced program. This is something we have to comply with.”

The weighted average charged for a meal in the district at current prices is $2.94. It is required to charge $2.99.

MacLean said a 10-cent increase would bring the district into compliance. The price of milk will increase 10 cents, as well. Breakfast prices and adult meal prices will not change.

School lunch and breakfast prices

Dallas High School: Lunch — $3.35; breakfast $1.75

LaCreole Middle School: Lunch — $3.10; breakfast $1.75

Elementary schools (Lyle, Oakdale Heights and Whitworth): Lunch — $2.85; breakfast $1.50

Morrison Campus Alternative School: Lunch — $3.35; breakfast $1.75

Polk Adolescent Day Treatment Center: Lunch — $3.10; breakfast $1.75

Milk only — 60 cents

Adult meals: Lunch — $4; breakfast $3

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