Polk County Jail

Polk County Jail deputy Andrew Jackson resigned in August during internal misconduct and dishonesty investigations.

POLK COUNTY — A Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputy resigned in August during internal misconduct and dishonesty investigations.

According to an Aug. 27 memo from Sheriff Mark Garton to former deputy Andrew Jackson, seven of the eight allegations were sustained.

Jackson, who worked in the jail, was accused of showing nude photos of a coworker to other coworkers.

He resigned before the memo could be delivered, according to Department of Safety Standards and Training documents.

DPSST is the agency that certifies law enforcement officers.

In a Feb. 12 meeting, the DPSST Corrections Policy Committee recommended that the board “move forward with lifetime revocation for gross misconduct and dishonesty” for Jackson.

In Garton’s memo to Jackson, he said it appeared Jackson had reached out to a superior to “help stop what you called rumors and talking behind your back. You felt your coworkers continued to talk to a point where it was bothersome to you.”

According to Garton’s memo, the internal investigation found that Jackson solicited the nude pictures then showed them to multiple coworkers.

Garton said “there didn’t seem to be rumors being spread, but rather your coworkers were engaging in conversation that you yourself had started.”

“This kind of immaturity and pure disregard for the rights of others is not acceptable in this office or this profession,” Garton said in the memo to Jackson. “I do not condone this type of behavior, and because of your actions, I am terminating your employment from this office effective immediately.”

Jackson resigned on Aug. 29, according to DPSST records.

“After reviewing investigative materials, staff has identified potential violations of the board’s minimum moral fitness standards for public safety professionals,” according to a memo from Kristen Hibberds, professional standards coordinator and investigator for DPSST, to the CPC.

She said DPSST received a personnel action form from the PCSO in September 2018 that Jackson resigned during an investigation.

Jackson was employed at Warm Springs Police Department from October 2014 to February 2016. He started working for PCSO in March of 2016.

A decision about Jackson’s certification will be made at a future DPSST board meeting.

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