DHS track excavation begins

Excavation began earlier this year at the Dallas High School track. The earthwork portion of the project was just completed and a new track surface will be installed in the spring.

DALLAS — Work on replacing the track at Dallas High School has begun.

Contractor Hal’s Construction started setup on excavating the track on Aug. 12, but was awaiting an erosion control permit from Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, said Bob Archer, the district’s facilities director. All other permits have been submitted.

“We’re really hoping that we can get the erosion permit pushed through by the end of this week or early next week,” Archer said. “That being said, talking with Hal’s and the erosion control inspector that we can at least start pulverizing, because we are not disturbing the soil. That allows us to start pulling up the asphalt and start crushing that up.”

The completion date for the excavation project is Oct. 31, but Archer hopes to have it done by Oct. 15.

He said once the project is nearing completion, and the district knows if there are any cost overruns on the work, the district can select a track surface. There are quality options and choices of color that the district can consider.

The contractor on the track installation is Beynon Sports Surfaces, and it will hold its cost estimates on the Dallas installation until Oct. 31, Archer said.

Installation of the track surface won’t happen until spring.

“Even if we’re done in mid-October, we still have the 28-day wait (curing period) on the asphalt before we can put the surface down,” Archer said.

He said waiting through the winter won’t be a problem because Beynon can clean the asphalt before installing the track surface.

The project will affect fall events at the stadium.

“We are looking at probably just utilizing the main stadium and putting the visitors side off limits until we at least get to a point where we can safely get people around to the visitors side,” Archer said.

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