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DALLAS — Meetings with the contractor on the Dallas High School track rebuild saved the district about $56,000 on the original bid.

The board approved the final bid of $827,617 Monday evening. The original base bid for the project, which includes excavation and prep for surfacing, was for no more than $884,032. The approved that bid, contingent on the outcome of meetings with the contractor to lower the bid.

Bob Archer, the district’s facilities director, said the project includes an asphalt path on the north end of the track, which was an alternative that adds cost to the base bid. He said the base bid was reduced by $65,000 before the cost of the asphalt path was added. In the base bid, the path is included, but it’s gravel. Having a gravel path at the facility increases the risk of rocks getting on the track, he said.

Surfacing the track will be a separate project with a different bid process. Archer recommending the board wait to approve a surfacing bid until the excavation project is close to complete.

“We talked about the surfacing the last meeting. I would recommend until we are to a point where we are ready to asphalt and get asphalt put in,” he said. “Then we can see where we are at with funds and then discuss the surfacing options.”

The district has options on surface quality and track color scheme. Depending on when the excavation project is complete, putting down the track surface may have to wait until spring.

“Are the bids for the track surface going to change between now and then?” asked board member Jon Woods.

Archer said he believed the bids would hold until the district is ready to move forward, but he said he would confirm that. The low bidder on the surfacing project is Beynon Sports Surfaces with a bid of $214,462.

The board also approved a resolution to seek $1,250,000 in financing to pay for the track projects.

“If there was money left over from this borrowing, it’s written so that we have the authority to spend it on equipment, things like that, related to the track project,” said Debbie MacLean, the district director of fiscal services.

The board authorized MacLean to pursue a repayment term of 12 years, which would make the payments about $125,000 per year.

Board Chairman Mike Blanchard said the district still is seeking approval from a tax law judge to use current maintenance bond funding of $500,000 to address drainage issues in the excavation portion of the project.

MacLean said the resolution allows the district to use a future maintenance bond to repay the loan, if that use is approved by voters.

“We have three years of the ability in our Fund 102 (Facilities, Repairs, and Maintenance Fund) to pay this debt service,” MacLean said. “So, the gamble is that we are able to convince voters that this is something that they would want to finance in a future bond, or the remaining years of debt service will be paid out of our general fund.” 

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