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DALLAS – Seniors graduating from Dallas High School and Morrison Campus Alternative School are in for a pleasant discovery the next time they are out and about in town.

They will find that this week, numerous volunteers, the city of Dallas, and Pacific Power have worked to give the Class of 2020 a special tribute, in the form of 6-foot tall banners adorning power poles throughout town.

“I think that seniors in the city of Dallas, both at Dallas High School and the Morrison Campus are going to be very surprised when they discover a 6-foot tall photo of them is being displayed on our city streets,” said Dallas City Manager Brian Latta.

The project was paid for by a local donor who wishes to remain anonymous, Latta said.

Except for the four Dallas High seniors who helped, the project — which consisted of making 228 banners in all — was conducted without the knowledge of the graduates. Volunteers helped collect photos to use on the banners without the students knowing what was happening, Latta said.

“They were sworn to secrecy,” he said of the four student volunteers.

Pacific Power and the city of Dallas donated the equipment and personnel to hang the banner, which began Tuesday morning and is slated to be completed by Thursday, a day before Dallas High School’s graduation parade is scheduled. The parade, which will begin at LaCreole Middle School and weave through town before ending at the high school where seniors will receive diplomas in a socially distant manner, will replace a traditional ceremony.

The banners will remain posted through the month of June.

“This project is all about our amazing kids,” said Shana Lavier, a volunteer who helped organize the project and a teacher at Dallas High School. “We want them to know their community supports them and cares deeply for them during these uncertain times. Senior year is a time in their lives to be remembered in the most positive way, and we hope these banners add to their celebration.”

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