GUEST COLUMN: Michelle Johnstone, DSD No. 2 Superintendent

Michelle Johnstone

The school year is off to a great start, and we already have quite a bit to celebrate. First, thank you to those who attended the Dallas High School Booster Club annual auction. It was an impressive show of support and commitment to our kids! Secondly, Craig Button, PE teacher at Whitworth Elementary, was named Distinguished Educator for September. From the voice of students, “Mr. Button is there to always help us and never gives up on us.” Thirdly, our district is receiving a CLASS Grant for $323,451. These dollars will be used to support instruction. It is not a coincidence that all three of these celebrations involve our staff, parents, and community, and I appreciate each partner for their shared investment in our kids.

As we focus on our board goal to increase student achievement, we have a new best practice starting called “instructional rounds.” The concept is taken from the medical rounds model used in teaching hospitals. One day each month, all of our district administrators gather in one school to observe the teaching and learning that’s going on in classrooms in that particular building. The observations are used to help support the building principal’s efforts to elevate student learning. The goal is to view what is happening in the classroom through the eyes of the student. Our first instructional round was at Dallas High School, and we look forward to continuing this valuable learning experience.

As we work and learn to adjust our practices to meet the needs of our students, listening and gathering the viewpoint of our community is important.

If you have questions or ideas to share there are three approaching opportunities to do just that: Dallas Retirement Village on Oct. 22 beginning at 9:30 a.m., McDonald’s on Oct. 23 beginning at 8 a.m., and Pressed Coffee & Wine on Nov. 3 beginning at 7:30 a.m. These are informal coffee conversations and I look forward to meeting with you and hearing your ideas.

Thank you for your interest and support of our district.

Michelle Johnstone, Ed.D.


Dallas School District No. 2

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