DALLAS — The Dallas City Council named Greg Ellis its interim city manager during a special meeting on Dec. 6.

Ellis took over Friday for Ted Cuno, the acting city manager since Dec. 4, following a vote to terminate former city manager Ron Foggin’s contract.

“We’ve had Ted as our acting city manager for two days and he’s done a really good job,” said Mayor Brian Dalton. “I’ve seen him out there in several meetings already. He’s done a fine job. He stepped right up to that plate after that call.”

The council unanimously approved paying Cuno, the city’s building official, an extra $1,500 for taking on the additional duties.

Ellis is the former city manager for Independence and, more recently, Canby. Though he retired after serving in Canby, Ellis filled in as the interim city manager for Jefferson and worked for the city of Dallas as a part-time economic development consultant for more than a year.

When asked about his background during the Dec. 6 meeting, Ellis said he began working in the public sector at the age of 45, after working years in private business.

“I had some of the same misconceptions about the public sector that a lot of people do,” he said.

Ellis said he learned lessons about the difference between public and private sectors as city manager in Estacada.

“In private business you make a decision; in the public sector, you go through a process,” he said. “I learned how to work with the process.”

Ellis said he grew to love working in local government.

“I just really enjoy working with people and being a part of the community and taking nothing and making something out of it. As you all know, there’s limited resources,” he said.

Ellis said he sees his role with Dallas as making sure nothing is lost in the transition from one city manager to another. He said he will work with city staff to continue current projects and work with the council to proceed with it has in progress.

“I think there’s a lot of potential and a lot of stuff happing in Dallas right now,” Ellis said. “I just want to make sure that continues.”

The vote to appoint Ellis and approve his contract was unanimous. He will be paid $12,000 per month while serving in the interim role.

Foggin worked for the city since 2013 and received positive annual job performance reviews until Dec. 4, when he was dismissed on a 5-to-4 vote. The city will pay him a severance package of nine month’s salary and the cash value of benefits, amounting to $15,400 per month, unless he takes another job before nine months have passed.

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