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DAC Manager Gretchen Noll, left, and FDAC board members Kelly GABLIKS, Nancy Wilson, Ann Hurd, Dave Morelli and Jim Christian accepted a $10,000 donation.

DALLAS — The Friends of the Dallas Aquatic Center is much closer to its goal of providing $50,000 in support to the DAC, thanks to a donation made in the memory of Paul Mannen.

“It helps so much because we pledged to the city to give $50,000 a year,” said Ann Hurd, the friends president. “Having that $10,000, plus the $18,000 we have in our checking account, we are halfway through the year, and we are halfway to our goal.”

She said Mannen swam at the pool every day. He died in 2016.

Mannen’s family donated $10,000 in his name. Hurd said the friends presented the city with that donation, plus another $5,000 during Monday’s Dallas City Council meeting.

Hurd said the organization’s other fundraising efforts continue.

“We are continuing to sell banners. We have 31 businesses who have bought banners to support the pool,” Hurd said. “We’ve have had many individuals that have donated just cash to the pool operations.”

The names of those individuals are listed on the friend’s Wall of Donors at the pool. 

Those wishing to support the pool while getting in a workout can participate in the newest program: Swim/Splash Across Oregon. It’s a three-month event starting on June 1 and running through Aug. 31.

“Swim/Splash Across Oregon assigns a distance to every exercise activity at the pool,” Hurd said. “To support the pool, it costs $25 per individual and $40 per family to enter.”

Forty-four circuits of the lazy river, 36 laps in the lap pool and one hour of moderate-to-hard water aerobics exercise equals 1 mile. Participants can keep track of their distance — including swimming done on vacation — and set goals. “Swimming” to Lincoln City means putting in 49 miles. For Bend, the challenge would be 147 miles in the water. In September, each swimmer will receive a certificate to celebrate their distance achievements.

For more information or to sign up: 503-623-9715.

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