DALLAS – Kayley Sullivan, 12, felt she needed to do something to tell local U.S. Postal Service workers she appreciated their service.

They are working through a pandemic to deliver mail after all, she said.

Kayley decided to forgo buying a second toy from the proceeds of a garage sale at her grandparents house in Dallas to give workers at the Dallas Post Office a treat.

“I raised money from the garage sale that we had and I gave them Safeway cookies and they were like the jumbo type, three dozen, for their service during this hard time and risking their lives to deliver packages,” Kayley said. “I just wanted to thank them and reward them for that.”

Kayley, who splits time living with her father in Dallas and her mother in Silverton, said she got the idea when writing a letter to a friend in Silverton.

“I asked my grandma if she could mail it,” Kayley said. “That’s when I got an idea, since we are having a garage sale, to give them cookies as a reward for delivering their packages to people.”

She said she was inspired by her classmates at Victor Point Elementary School in Silverton.

“That school, it was new to me. I never really knew what I could accomplish,” she said. “Everybody in my classroom is always doing charities and other things.”

Kayley, who delivered the cookies with the help of her grandmother, Clarice Sullivan, was surprised by the reaction when she dropped them at the post office late last month.

“They were very surprised,” Kayley said. “I said thank you for all of your hard work and keeping up with your job and doing a great job and trying to go really fast every day — and never complaining.”

The workers on shift that day took a few minutes to thank Kayley and take photos with her.

Clarice was also surprised by the reaction.

“It was so cute when we went into the post office. I mean, they were shocked,” Clarice said. “It really warmed my heart, and it warmed Kayley’s, too.”

Clarice said giving the gift was all her granddaughter’s idea.

“She was doing really well at the garage sale. We gave her all the money from the garage sale. She knew she was going to buy a toy,” Clarice said, adding her granddaughter added the request to buy the cookies. “She’s a very caring child.”

Kayley said she realized something while taking photos with the staff.

“This is not really about the fame. It’s just doing nice things for people. It just blew my mind. I felt really happy for them,” she said. “The look on their faces, it brightened their day, so it brightened mine. It just made me really happy.”

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