Harden case expected to have 38 witnesses

Quinlyn Reed Harden.

POLK COUNTY — The state anticipates subpoenaing approximately 38 witnesses for the trial of Quinlyn Reed Harden, which is scheduled for Oct. 8.

Harden faces 30 sex-abuse related charges in four separate indictments. The four cases were consolidated in May.

Jayme Kimberly, senior assistant attorney for the Oregon Department of Justice, filed a motion for the allowance on Aug. 7. Oregon statute allows for 10 witnesses.

Kimberly started prosecuting the case when she was the Polk County chief deputy district attorney.

“Given that there were four separate investigations involving five named victims, their families, abuse assessment center evaluations, and other fact witnesses during the alleged time frames at issue in these cases, there are approximately 38 witnesses necessary to present the state’s case,” the motion states.

Polk County Circuit Court judge Monet S. Campbell signed the order on Aug. 8.

Harden, of Independence, has been in custody at the Polk County Jail since March 16, 2018, when he was arrested on three counts of first-degree sex abuse involving a girl younger than 14.

Harden’s mother, Ceola Harden, owned and operated Stinky Feet Childcare in Independence, where most of the crimes are alleged to have happened.

On May 25, 2018, the Oregon Office of Child Care revoked Ceola Harden’s license after an investigation into whether she allowed her son to watch children in her charge without supervision.

The final order stated Ceola Harden had been told of allegations that Quinlyn Harden had behaved inappropriately with a child at the day care, but she didn’t report it.

“During all relevant time frames in the charged cases, (the) defendant resided with his mother and had frequent contact with the children who attended the daycare,” Kimberly said.

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