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Quin Harden, right, speaks with his attorney Martin Habekost during last week's trial. Harden was found guilty on all charges in the case. 

DALLAS – A Polk County jury found Independence resident Quinlyn Harden guilty on all charges following a trial that ended Monday.

Harden, of Independence, faced 30 sex-abuse related charges in four separate indictments. The four cases, which were consolidated for trial, were all connected to the  now-closed Stinky Feet Child Care facility in Independence. Harden’s mother, Ceola Harden, owned and operated the day care.

The jury voted separately on all counts, tallying at least the required 10 guilty votes on each charge for a conviction.

“I’m relieved,” said Jayme Kimberly, senior assistant attorney for the Oregon Department of Justice, who tried the case on behalf of Polk County. “I’m relieved for the victims.”

Jury deliberations started Monday afternoon, but took extra time because a juror had to be excused on Wednesday and an alternate juror called in. That required the deliberation process to begin over again, Kimberly said.

“It’s been a week,” she said.

Kimberly said the next phase of the case is sentencing, which will be a lengthy process because there are so many charges.

“Because of the number of counts, sentencing is going to require both sides to do some legal research, and work, and make their presentation to the court," she said.

A status hearing for sentencing is set for Oct. 25 at 9:30 a.m.

For more on this story, see the Oct. 23 I-O.

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