Independence City Council accepting applications


Independence is accepting applications for a city councilor position vacated by Odilon Campos-Santos. He and his family moved to Monmouth.

The term will begin after a candidate is selected, likely at the Feb. 12 council meeting, and runs through Dec. 31, 2020.

Candidates must be qualified to vote and have resided within the city limits for a minimum of 12 months.

Applications, which are available on the city’s website, must be submitted by noon on Jan. 22.

Campos submitted a letter of resignation dated Jan. 3 to Mayor John McArdle and the Independence City Council.

“It is with mixed feelings that I submit my letter of resignation to be effective immediately,” he said. “My family and I have been blessed with an opportunity to move to into a home that fits perfectly with what we are needing at this moment.

“Thank you Mayor and Council Members, for believing in me, for the support and guidance I have received from you all this last year and for giving me an opportunity to represent the people of Independence.”

At the Jan. 8 meeting, McArdle gave words of appreciation Campos and Diana Lindskog, who lost a reelection bid to Shannon Cockayne.

“I just really want to say how much I’ve appreciated both Diana and Odi, who’ve helped move our city forward in so many ways,” McArdle said. “It’s been a pleasure to work with them. I just want to thank them for their service. This is what makes our community and our country a great place. Because people are willing to serve like this.”

As for how to fill the vacant council position, McArdle said the city has done that several different ways in the past and it was up to the council.

Previously Independence City Council has directly appointed someone and has taken applications.

Councilor Michael Hicks said he would be open to considering Lindskog for the appointment if she were interested.

McArdle said she did indicate to him that she would be interested in serving.

“I prefer a more inclusive process and going out and soliciting applications,” said Cockayne.

She said people who didn’t have the time or the inclination to go through election process may be interested.

“I would agree with that also,” said Councilor Marilyn Morton. “I think we should open it up.”

Councilors Kathy Martin-Willis and Tom Takacs were open to either option.

“It seems like there is no desire to take action tonight, so what we’ll do is open up the process,” McArdle said.

Martin-Willis said she’d like to make a decision roughly two meetings out.

Click here for more information and an application.

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