Thompson should fill HD23 seat

Luckily for us in Oregon House District 23, never-really-a-representative Mike Nearman is gone after acting out the worst of the lunatic ideas of the super conservative GOP in this area. He has so little regard for the safety of his fellow legislators and workers that he lets gun toting, bear spray carrying lunatics into the capitol to, ahem, view the legislative process.

Here’s a good idea. The GOP should appoint Jim Thompson to fill the remainder of nearly Nearman’s term. He’s held the job, was exceptionally effective in shepherding effective legislation through the process and well thought of by the Democratic structure. Adding an effective across the isle member to the Oregon House seems like a pretty strong move.

Sadly, the GOP in this area is controlled by limited information people who believe the legislature is there to impose these people’s foggy version of life on the rest of us whether we like it or not. Hence, another nearly Nearman will likely be given the nod and our representation in the Oregon Congress will continue to wither at both the Senate and House levels.

The optimist in me hopes that reasonable Republicans, who I know are still around, will put their collective foot down and demand actual effective representation at both levels. But, if it’s OK with you I will not hold my breath waiting for that response.

Fred Brown


City hall vote is not a mandate

Here’s the situation. Less than 20% of Monmouth’s total population voted in the May election. Out of a 10,000 population only 18.6% bothered to vote (more on voting later). Out of those votes, only 11.2% voted yes and 7.4% voted no. The measure for a new City Hall passed with only 387 votes – not a mandate. The bottom line is that 11.2% of the total population just voted in a tax that effects all 10,000 residents of Monmouth. Think about that for a moment. Some of you might say, “but it only effects property owners.” That’s not true. If you are renting a dwelling or business, your rent will eventually go up when landlords begin to pass this new tax down to their renters. So, it really affects everyone. On top of this new tax, our county taxes went up the usual 3% across the board, and have you seen the new water and electric cost increases? This is blatant taxation without representation! How does that make you feel?

Why did so few people vote on this bond? Perhaps, some thought that not voting is the same as a no vote. It’s not! All a no vote does is allow a small fraction of our community to decide whether we get a new tax or not. We’d better start voting like our lives and happiness depend on it, because it obviously does. If you don’t bother to make informed decisions, you will learn that ignorance is not ‘bliss.’ It’s oblivion.

Nannette Willis


Schrader flier is deceptive

We received a fancy flier in the mail today from AfPA, Alliance for Patient Access extolling Congressman’s Kurt Schrader’s continuing fight to ensure that seniors’ access to needed treatments and medications is protected. Sounds impressive.

However, after reading the flier I dug deeper to find out who/what this organization is. It is a group of physicians advocating for access to treatment and medications for patients. Sounds like a very noble goal. However, when you look into the source of funding for the organization it is Big Pharma.

To summarize, Congressman Schrader is aligned with Big Pharma rather than representing his constituents in lowering drug prices and allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices like the VA has been doing for years. Very sneaky way to deceive his constituents.

Marti Klien


A good man, a good friend, a good doctor

John Hadley, D.O. has been practicing family medicine for Salem Health in Dallas and Monmouth for many years. He has won multiple awards for excellence at what he does. Dr. H has been my pc physician for some 15 years, most of the time he has been practicing in the local area. I think I can easily speak for this man’s many happy patients by saying that his expertise, his understanding, his kindness, and his upbeat demeanor will be missed when he retires soon. I, for one, want to wish this fine doctor all the best as he and his wife begin a new chapter in their lives. Here’s to a soft-spoken but profoundly important member of our community for many years! You, sir, will be missed but not forgotten.

David Gray


The wealthy are not paying fair

When one man can afford to go to space on his own rocket and still barely pays any taxes means the rest of us are paying more than we should have to. A reasonable wealth tax is only taxed on the dollars made over $50 million. If one made $51 million, only $1 million would be taxed seems, well, reasonable.Those who know a person who makes over $50 million, would know this tax would not change their life in anyway, but you and I could pay less which would directly affect our lives in many ways.

Debra Nord


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