MONMOUTH — The new little library at the corner of Jackson and Knox Streets is a replica of MaMare’s Guest House — right down to the guests.

“We have two ladies who stay during football season — Kerri and Julia — in the Starry Night room,” said Eli Altland, MaMere’s assistant innkeeper and builder of the little Lego library that stands in front of the bed and breakfast.

You can see them by opening the side door of the library, where the books are kept.

There’s also a Lego mini figure to represent a professor who stays once a month in the Magnolia Room; one of innkeeper (Eli’s sister) Emily McNulty standing at the front door welcoming a guest; and one of their mother, Sarah, sitting on the porch drinking a glass of wine.

Altland’s mini figure is mowing the lawn and neighbor Ned Kenney’s Lego incarnation is tending the roses, as he does in real life.

“Our roses are in full bloom and seem as gorgeous as maybe they have ever been,” McNulty said. “(Ned) often can be seen pruning and clipping roses and handing them out to people as they walk by the B&B. Since we have no guests to enjoy them, we have been clipping and leaving them in mason jars on random door steps and businesses for others to enjoy.”

Since business at MaMere’s has slowed down because of the coronavirus pandemic, McNulty said they’ve been working on different projects.

“One of those projects (was) building the Lego little library,” she said.

For that task, Altland dug into his childhood stash of Legos, which his parents brought down from Alaska.

He found a program to design the library and searched online for pieces he didn’t have.

The most challenging part was recreating the fish scale shingles, Altland said.

He used the SNOT method— studs not on top. It’s a technique in Lego building that uses the bricks and pieces in a way that, for example, allows the shingles to overlap so they echo the way shingles lay in real life.

Inside, the little library holds books for all ages.

McNulty said they are conscious about cleaning it regularly since different people will be touching it.

Visitors are encouraged to participate in the scavenger hunt, finding different elements of the display.

At the ribbon cutting on June 3, Spiderman and Ozzie, the McNulty’s cat, were spotted on the Lego lawn and Yoda was peeking out of a window.

MaMere’s little library is located at 212 Knox St. N., Monmouth.

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