MONMOUTH/INDEPENDENCE — The Monmouth Independence Community Foundation awarded eight scholarships totaling $11,000 to Central High School seniors at the senior award ceremony on June 5.

The following students received scholarship: Jaydon Ray Aydelotte, Ana Alejandra Becerra, Janelle Marianne Bevans, Taylor Raye Buccello, Eduardo Erubiel Gonzalez, Eithan Moshe Martinez, Bryan Eduardo Ortega, and Allison Nicole Wells.

The foundation also awarded classroom enrichment grants, which are meant to fund mini-grants to teachers for creative and innovative ideas for which school district funds are unavailable.

In 2019, a more competitive $5,000 grant, The Duncan/McArthur Grant, named for the foundation’s founders, was awarded for the first time.

The 2019-2020 classroom enrichment grant recipients are: the Kinder Team, of Ash Creek Elementary School, for ESGI Education Software for Guided Instruction; Bailey Lind of Monmouth Elementary School’s fifth grade, beginning biography books; Allison Wright, of Talmadge Middle School, for TMS Running Club; Kari Meyer, of Talmadge Middle School’s eighth grade, Q Ball Discussion Wireless Microphone; Hayley Atkinson, of Talmadge Middle School, TMS Character Strong program; Alisha Baertlein, of Ash Creek Elementary School’s second grade, reading support; Jessie Padilla, of Ash Creek Elementary School’s first grade, increasing literacy through independent student storage; and Hope Mwaniki, of Ash Creek Elementary School’s first grade, teaching integrated units through multiple learning styles.

The $5,000 Duncan/McArthur Grant was awarded to Talmadge Middle School’s Science Department for the “Classroom Integration of Computer Aided Design and 3D Printer.”

Monmouth Independence Community Foundation was formed in 2000 with two basic purposes: to administer scholarships for graduates from Central High School and to provide funds for classroom enrichment activities in Central 13J classrooms. 

The total in number and amount of scholarship funds has increased through the years so that in 2019, MICF was able to award $11,000 through eight scholarships.

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