A man was shot and killed Wednesday at the Goodwill in West Salem during a narcotics investigation.

At 1:03 p.m. on Sept. 18, The Polk County Inter Agency Narcotics Team was conducting a follow up on an ongoing drug investigation in the Edgewater Street area of West Salem, according to a news release from the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

The team attempted to take a man into custody inside the Goodwill Store, located at 585 Edgewater St. and a shot was fired during the arrest.

The involved male died at the scene.

The POINT investigation originated in the West Salem area, said Polk County Sheriff Mark Garton.

POINT was at the Goodwill on Wednesday for investigation of criminal delivery of a controlled substance, potentially methamphetamine, Garton said. He could not confirm if the substance was found at the scene.

Because the shooting incident is still under investigation, information about whether or not man had methamphetamine has not been released.

The investigation only involved one person, Garton said, and is now closed.  

Neither the name of the man nor the involved officer had been released as of Thursday afternoon.

As per Polk County’s Use of Deadly Force Response Plan (SB 111 protocol), the sheriff’s office in consultation with the Polk County District Attorney’s Office asked the Salem Police Department if they would handle the investigation, as members of the POINT team were involved in the incident. 

Garton confirmed on Thursday that the officer involved in the shooting was not a Polk County Sheriff's deputy.

The POINT team is supervised by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and consists of detectives from the Sheriff’s Office, the Dallas, Monmouth and Independence Police Departments, Oregon State Police along with prosecution support from the Polk County District Attorney’s Office.

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