Scott McClure to Canby

Scott McClure

MONMOUTH — Monmouth City Manager Scott McClure plans to fill the administrator role in Canby this fall.

“We went through from five candidates down to two,” said Brian Hodson, mayor of Canby, at the June 17 Canby Council meeting. “Last Thursday we did a second round of interviews, and held a community meeting and sought feedback. And the council narrowed it from the two to the one.”

The other candidate was Brian Latta, who was selected by the city of Dallas as its new manager.

At their July 24 council meeting, Hodson named McClure as their choice.

“Through the recruiting firm that we’ve used, (we) have sent Scott an initial offer letter, stating salary and all the different pieces that are involved there,” Hodson said. “He’s reviewing that, and he has come back with a couple of additional caveats, asks, to what we initially sent. Once we have those pieces ironed out, we’ll bring that to the council.”

On Tuesday, McClure said they agreed to the terms and the contract will go before the Canby council on either Aug. 7 or 21.

Once the Canby council approves his contract, he will give his 30-day notice to Monmouth.

Given that time line, he anticipates starting in the new position sometime in late September or early October.

If those terms are agreeable to the Canby council, Hodson said, they will move forward.

“Then we will finish up the background search on him,” he said. “Providing that that is favorable, we will extend an offer to bring him on.”

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