Midterm election results

Election workers sort ballots Nov. 6.

UPDATE: 12:15 p.m. Nov. 7

The latest report from the Polk County Clerk's Office shows the Monmouth City Council race is still a close call for the three open seats. And more ballots are on the way.

The Clerk's office will do a recount if the numbers are within one-fifth of one percent, said County Clerk Val Unger.

"If these were the final numbers, they would definitely be in recount range right now," Unger said of the Monmouth council results as of Wednesday morning.

As of Wednesday morning, Roxanne Beltz is leading (1,736), Jon Carey (1,321), Stephen Howard (1,317), and Chris Lopez (1,315).

Marion County has two mail trays of Polk County ballots that will be delivered, but those are countywide and may not affect the Monmouth race.

At last count, the voter turnout in Polk County was 66.29 percent. Statewide turnout was 67.82 percent.

UPDATE: At about 3 a.m. Wednesday, the Polk County Clerk's Office issued it final report of the night.

Here is a recap of the most recent results for local races:

POLK COUNTY – Oregon House of Representatives Democrat Paul Evans (District 20) and Republican Mike Nearman (District 23), both incumbents, appeared to have cruised to re-election on Election Night.

Evans was defeating challenger Selma Pierce by a 15,268 (53.4 percent) to 13,257 (46.4 percent), according to last report issued by the Polk County Clerk’s Office.

Nearman had a 16,730 (54.2 percent) to 13,442 (43.7 percent) advantage over challenger Democrat Danny Jaffer.

In Senate District 10, Sen. Jackie Winters (R-Salem) lead challenger Deb Patterson (D-Salem) by 28,108 (54 percent) to 24,121 (46 percent).

In Dallas, four seats were open on the city council. Jim Fairchild (3,539), Jackie Lawson (3,470), Bill Hahn (3,425) are on their way to retaining their seats. Michael Schilling, who would be a newcomer to the council, was in fourth at 2,897.

Dallas Mayor Brian Dalton ran unopposed and took 93 percent of the vote.

In Falls City, Mayor Jeremy Gordon, who was appointed in November 2017, was officially elected to the post. He ran unopposed and took 93 percent of the vote. The three open seats on the Falls City Council went to incumbents Lori Jean Sickles (285), Jennifer Drill (278) and Tony Meier (264).

The race for Independence City Council Position No. 1 remains very close with Shannon Cockayne with 1,105 votes or 49.5 percent and Diana Lindskog with 1,088 or 48.7 percent.

Independence Mayor John McArdle has been re-elected after defeating challenger Jack Waddell 1,695 (59 percent) to 1,174 (41 percent).

Marilyn Morton and Tom Takas ran unopposed for Independence council positions 2 and 4, respectively.

Cecelia Koontz will be Monmouth’s new mayor after defeating Kevin Chambers by a margin of 1,809 to 1,107. Three seats are open on the Monmouth City Council and Roxanne Beltz (1,666), Jon Carey (1,266) and Chris Lopez (1,264) are in the lead. Stephen Howard isn’t far behind, though, with 1,255.

Incumbent David Gomberg prevailed over challenger Thomas Donahue with 17,371 votes or 57 percent compared to 13,025 votes or 43 percent.

Judy Beebe (11,159 or 57 percent) leads Sandra Schukar (8,234 or 42 percent) for Polk Soil & Water Conservation District director at large position. David Simmons, Brad Ford and Michael ran unopposed for the other three open director posts.

Voter turnout in Polk County was 64 percent. Statewide turnout was 62.82 percent.

At 11 p.m., the Polk County Clerk's office has about 5,000 ballots left to count.

Following are the most recent results for contested local races and ballot measures:

Dallas City Council

The top four candidates for Dallas City Council, which has four openings are:

Jim Fairchild -17.11%

Bill Hahn - 16.58 %

Jackie Lawson -16.44%

Michael Schilling -13.81%

Independence Mayor

John McArdle - 59.72%

Jack Waddell - 39.68%

Independence City Council, Position 1

Shannon Cockayne - 49.94%

Diana Lindskog - 48.31%

Monmouth Mayor

Cec Koontz - 63.67%

Kevin Chambers - 35.54%

Monmouth City Council

The top three candidates for Monmouth City Council, which has three openings, are:

Roxanne Beltz - 22.24%

Jon Carey - 17.15%

Stephen Howard - 16.76%

State Senator, 10th District Jackie Winters, Republican, Independent - 51.48%

Deb Patterson, Democrat, Working Families - 48.20%

State Representative, 10th District

Thomas Donohue - 56.61%

David Gomberg - 43.23%

State Representative, 20th District

Paul Evans, Democrat, Working Families - 52.95%

Selma Pierce, Republican, Independent - 46.83%

State Representative, 23rd District

Mike Nearman, Republican - 55.58%

Danny Jaffer, Democrat, Pacific Green, Independent - 42.70%

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