DALLAS -- Morrison Campus Alternative School celebrated graduation on Thursday, June 13 in the Dallas High School gym. 

Here is the Class of 2019: 

Andrew Evan Behling

Matilda Ray Bennefield

Kinzi Berit Boer

Melissa Irene Bricker

Cameron Mark Broadus

Hailey Acacia Brown

Jade Lee Anne Brown

Michael A. Contreras

Nicole Lynn Cornutt

Jeran Thomas Crass

Renee Elyse Croft

Gavin B. Dennis

Angelina Marie Diaz

Joseph Thomas English

Camden Matthew Frizelle

Logan Gibraltar Glazner

Jonathan Gutierrez

Nathanial Wyatt Harding

Chris Layne Hensell

Justin Michael Hill

Ellissa Maree Hocevar

Jake Lee Howard

Jordan Ray Jessie

Paige Mackenzie Kaleta

Eliza Snow Keys

Kahneeta Cheyenne Kneeland

Zachary Richard Larson

Shahaley Carol Martin

Jacqueline Pena Martinez

Rhylee Jo Pendley

Noel Ashley Poole

Cayden Lee Raymond

Myranda Lynn Rhoades

Katrina Marie Simons

Jadon Luke Slyh

Rochelle Ann Sonday

Christina Naomi Stacey

Nash Dylan Stanton

Damin James Thurston

Mireya Guadalupe Torres Valadez

Garett James Vinson

Tristan Lewis Wilson

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