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DALLAS — Heather Mounce will serve 75 months in prison on the charges she pleaded guilty to on Thursday.

Polk County Circuit Court Judge Norm Hill issued Mounce’s sentence Thursday morning, which included imposing following counts  that will run concurrent — meaning at the same time — to the original 75 months that Mounce was sentenced to on Sept. 9.

Mounce, a former resident of Dallas, was indicted on 98 counts of identity theft, theft, and criminal mistreatment — all felonies — in July 2018. Thirty-three counts were dropped.

In September, she pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated first-degree theft, 12 counts of identity theft, and one count of first-degree theft, which includes writing fraudulent checks in the amount of $7,559.

During Thursday’s court session, the defendant pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree theft, 24 counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment, and 24 counts of identify theft.

Defense attorney Timothy Park represented Mounce.

Prosecutor Sarah Lundstedt asked Hill for the court to impose a total of 36 months in a department of corrections, followed by 36 months of post-prison supervision.

“We are asking that, that be consecutive, or in addition, to the 75 months the court previously imposed in this case,” Lundstedt said.

Hill said he was not going to issue any more time to be served.

“I think 75 months is an appropriate sentencing for this conduct, and so what I am going to do is impose the following counts of additional times, but they will all run concurrent,” he said.

A statement was made by Cindy Anderson, Mounce’s mother, during the session.

“Our family feels that she did not do wrong,” Anderson said, standing in front of Hill, claiming that Mounce and the victim of the identify theft charges, Anthony Emil Britt — Mounce’s grandfather — were very close and had a good relationship.

“She did everything for him … and he trusted her fully,” Anderson said. “Anybody that knows our family knew what their relationship was like, and she would never do anything that would harm him. She loved him very much.”

When asked if she wanted to say anything, Mounce said it is hard for her to accept these charges when she does not feel like she is guilty.

Park petitioned for a restitution hearing for Mounce, which is scheduled on Thursday at 8 a.m.

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