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Melody Hight, Ellie Osborn and Justin Parnell help shovel bark dust in a leadership and Mr. & Ms. Dallas Pageant service project on Monday.

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DALLAS — “Wacky” and “organized chaos” are the descriptions contestants in the Mr. & Ms. Dallas Pageant give for how the show is taking form.

That means it will be an entertaining time for the audience they hope will fill Dallas High School’s Bollman Auditorium on Saturday for the annual benefit for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. 

This year, seven pairs, a boy and a girl on each team, have been fundraising and rehearsing for weeks for the honor of being crowned Mr. & Ms. Dallas.

“It will be wacky. You’ll definitely see all of the contestants give it their all,” said contestant Landan Anderson, who with his partner Morgan McCarley, make up Dynamos. “We’re all really excited for the pageant cause it’s time for us to actually strut our stuff.”

Pageant coordinator Madelyn Kennedy said last week that fundraising was right on track. Last year, the contest raised just shy of $10,000. Kennedy said the goal is to beat that mark.

“I have not told them how much we have yet because I want it to be a surprise for them,” Kennedy said. “We are doing really well. We are definitely on target.”

She said that local businesses have lined up to sponsor the pageant and donate items for the silent and live auctions during the show’s intermission.

“There’s been a lot of support from local businesses,” Kennedy said. “We have a lot more sponsorships than we’ve had ever in the past, which is really awesome. That’s really exciting.”

Money raised in the last few weeks and during Saturday’s pageant go the radiology department at Doernbecher. Contestants and coordinators visited the Portland hospital to see what their efforts would be assisting.

“It was really fascinating to see what all of our money goes to and how much it actually does benefit,” McCarley said.

Kennedy said past donations helped the hospital purchase new technology to speed the treatment of cancer.

“The money we donated helped them buy this new piece of technology, so they can take CAT scans of people while they are in surgery to make sure they got everything,” she said.  

While the cause is serious, that cannot be said of the pageant. The show will kick off with a group dance, which contestant Melody Hight said last week is “coming along.”

“It’s a mash up of just so many fun things,” Anderson said, “especially when you have a bunch of high-schoolers — most of whom are born with two left feet — trying to dance.”

McCarley, who is choreographing the dance, said it should be a fun experience for the audience, too.

“It’s funny. Every year everyone signs up for the pageant, like not a single one can dance,” she said.

After the opening dance, the pageant has is team showcase segment, “Know Ya Boo,” and each team’s lip sync dance.

Audience members can participate in the auctions and buy tickets in support of their “fan favorite” team.

“If people want to come and buy a ticket for $1, an extra ticket, they can and basically stuff the ballot box for their favorite pair,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said the pageant is family friendly, and fun, even if you don’t know the contestants.

“Come laugh at our wackiness,” Anderson said.

Mr. & Ms. Dallas Pageant

The contestants:

Madison Shuck and Reeve Carter

Mallory Minahan and Quinlan McDowell

EmmaMae Johnson and William Button

Morgan McCarly and Landan Anderson

Emily West and Payton Curtis

Melody Hight and Eden Star

Ayla Carter and Shaun Pasternick

When: Saturday at 7 p.m.

Where: Dallas High School’s Bollman Auditorium, 1250 SE Holman Ave., Dallas

Admission: $10. Purchase tickets at the door or buy early at Eventbrite.com, Mr. & Ms. Dallas.

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