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Aaron Young is working with GoMacGo to clean up Independence Station.

INDEPENDENCE — Work crews have started cleaning up the structure on the corner of Monmouth and Second streets.

Salem-based GoMacGo LLC purchased that building and four others in downtown Independence on Dec. 18.

Kelly McDonald, a developer who operates GoMacGo with Patrick Carney, sent out a news release on Thursday.

“The buildings were purchased from the Kirkland Group of Goodlettsville, Tenn., the lender who had acquired the properties through foreclosure proceedings on Nov. 27,” according to the release.

The properties were owned by Independence Venture LLC, with Charles Sides as the registered owner, before the foreclosure.

The buildings are all located on Monmouth Street and include the former city hall, the Independence Station structure, two homes adjacent to Independence Station and an office building across the street.

McDonald and Carney hope to be approved by the city for $300,000 of development incentives for the former city hall building at 240 Monmouth St.

Parallel 45 Brewing has been operating at that location, but has not been able to open to the public because the sidewalk was demolished in September of 2018 while owned Sides.

McDonald said getting Parallel 45 open to the public is their top priority, though he did not have a date at press time.

“We had a short ramp-up to acquiring this property from the lender that foreclosed, so we have not had the luxury of a lot of pre-planning,” McDonald said. “We are working very closely with the city to try and move forward as quickly as possible. This project is our top priority and will be the catalyst for moving all things forward.”

The homes GoMacGo purchased as part of this deal are not occupied. McDonald said they may be moved to new locations, but that is yet to be determined.

The other office building is “in pretty good shape,” McDonald said. “We’ll be looking for a tenant. There are three separate suites that we could lease together or separately, and include some off-street parking.”

“As for the eyesore of a building named Independence Station by prior developers,” the GoMacGo team said its “goal is to begin the structural analysis and start cleaning up the site immediately,” according the news release. “The scope of the project is much larger and will take some time to sort out.”

McDonald said they have been working with Aaron Young, of Young Development Company.

“We feel very fortunate to have found (him) to consult for us,” McDonald said. “His knowledge of the history of the projects has been invaluable. In addition, he is helping with local connections to contractors and city government. This is the first project for us in Independence, and we have found everyone to be very helpful.”

GoMacGo LLC does real estate development, primarily in the Polk, Marion and Yamhill counties. GoMacGo recently acquired the former Nordstrom Department Store building in downtown Salem in a joint venture with a Portland area development firm.

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