Oregon Century farm program needs applicants

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SALEM — Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program is seeking Applications for 2021 Century and Sesquicentennial Awards.

Families throughout Oregon who have continuously farmed portions of their family acreage for the past 100 or 150 years are invited to apply.

The program began in 1958 to honor farm and ranch families with century-long connections to the land.

To qualify for a century or sesquicentennial award, interested families must follow a formal application process.

Farmers and ranchers can find the application and program guidelines at http://www.centuryfarm.oregonfb.org, or by contacting Andréa Kuenzi at 503-400-7884 or cfr@oregonfb.org.

The application deadline is May 1, 2021.

Successful applicants receive a personalized certificate with acknowledgment by the governor and the director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and a durable metal roadside sign to identify the family’s farm or ranch as having historic Century or Sesquicentennial status.

Each family will be honored during a special ceremony and reception at the Oregon State Fair.

Every Oregon farm and ranch has a unique history and special family story. The Oregon Century Farm & Ranch program encourages agriculture families to share these stories of century-long connections with a broader audience.

To date, 1,235 families have formally received the Century designation and 47 families have received the Sesquicentennial Award.

The Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program is administered by the Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation. It is supported by a partnership between the Oregon Farm Bureau, the State Historic Preservation Office, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Oregon State University Libraries’ Special Collections & Archives Research Center, the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and by generous donations of Oregonians.

For information about the Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program, contact Andréa Kuenzi Program Coordinator, at 503-400-7884 or cfr@oregonfb.org.

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