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DALLAS — Two students at the center of a series of threats made against other students have been charged with crimes or removed from Dallas High School following an investigation by Dallas Police Department.

DPD reported that officers learned of the threats on Tuesday, Sept. 21 and began an investigation that included interviews with numerous students, school staff and parents.

“As the investigation progressed, more allegations were discovered and investigators learned additional students were possibly involved,” read a Dallas police Facebook post. “All allegations identified were appropriately investigated.”

Dallas Police said initially officers found no immediate threats to students or staff at the school.

“After the initial response, a Dallas PD detective and school staff spent at least 10 hours over the past two days interviewing everyone involved,” the Sept. 21 post read. “The investigation determined there are no credible threats toward any students or staff at this time. It was also determined that the involved persons did not have firearms on school property, nor did they have access to firearms.”

An update on the case dated on Thursday, Sept. 23 said that the initial threatening posts on social media were of replica firearms, however that was not the end of the posts.

“The police department learned today that one of the youth involved yesterday made an additional post last night, which included an image of ammunition and what appears to be the barrel of an actual gun,” the update read.

Investigators did a followup investigation to determine if the male suspect took the image and if he had access to firearms.

“The youth admitted to posting the picture, claiming to have obtained the photo several months ago,” police said.

Working with the parents of the boy, police said investigators were not able to determine the source of the photo, or find evidence that he had possession of a firearm or ammunition.

Police charged the primary suspect with disorderly conduct, and he has been removed from the school by his parents.

The student who posted the most recent photo is an out-of-district student and has had he attendance privileges revoked. He has also been trespassed from all Dallas School District property.

The investigation is ongoing.

“Investigators are continuing to work closely with the school and parents to investigate this matter and hold accountable those who are responsible for these alarming events,” police said. “Dallas PD regularly works closely with school district officials to make every effort to ensure safety in the schools.”

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact Detective Jordan Schrock at 503-831-3516.

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