Arrest report

Information for the report comes from law enforcement agencies. Not all calls for service are included. The status of arrests reported may change after further investigation. Individuals arrested or suspected of crimes are considered innocent until proven guilty.


Donald George Chaney , 52, of Dallas, in the 1000 block of Kelli Court on Sept. 12 for first-degree sex abuse.

Bradley Vernon Husted, 29, of Keizer in the 900 block of S. Main Street on Sept. 20 for driving while suspended/revoked and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Brandon Brooks Peterson, 37, of Independence, near S. 13th and F streets on Oct. 2 for DUII and failure to perform duties of a driver to injured person.

Jesus Trujillo, 44, of Independence, on Oct. 2 for parole violation, third-degree escape and first-degree criminal trespass.

Cameron Edward Cahill, 30, of Bandon, in the 1300 block of E Street on Oct. 3 for resisting arrest/disorderly conduct and probation violation.

Edwin Keary Debeck, III, 37, of Salem in the 300 block of S. Seventh Street on Oct. 4 for failure to carry an operator’s license.

April Rayann Pointer, 53, of Monmouth, near Hoffman and Airport roads on Oct. 7 for possession of methamphetamine.

Carlos David Smith, 42, of Keizer near S. Main and Monmouth streets on Oct. 8 for probation violation.

Connor M. Hoggatt, 18, of Independence, in the 1500 block of Monmouth Street on Oct. 8 for second-degree theft.

Roman Chavez Hernandez, 18, of Salem near S. Gun Club Road and Monmouth Street on Oct. 8 for failure to carry/present an operator’s license.

Cody Oso de Leon, 24, of Independence in the 100 block of S. 17th Street on Oct. 9 for second-degree disorderly conduct.

Victor Hugo Christensen Riddle, 22, of Independence in the 600 block of S. 13th Street on Oct. 9 for third-degree theft.

Kyle Patrick Adamas, 29, of Salem, in the 900 block of S. Main Street on Oct. 11 for possession of methamphetamine and parole violation.

Armando Trapala, 18, of Independence, near Corvallis and Buena Vista roads on Oct. 12 for DUII and reckless endangerment/disorderly conduct.

Randy Lynn Ellingsworth, 66, of Salem, in the 1000 block of S. Corvallis Road on Oct. 18 for attempt to elude and DUII.

Obed Aguirre Hernandez, 21, of Corvallis, near S. Ninth and Monmouth streets on Oct. 20 for DUII.

Dustin Lee Gillis, 32, of Independence, in the 300 block of Williams Street on Oct. 20 for failure to appear.

Jose Luis Coronado, Jr., 33, of Independence, near N. Polk and N. Walnut streets on Oct. 20 for public indecency.

Brian Allen Smith, 51, of Monmouth, near S. Fourth and G Streets on Oct. 22 for DUII.

James David Stedman, III, 30. of Independence, in the 100 block of S. Third Street on Oct. 22 for disorderly conduct and open container in public place.


Damian Alexander Lumbreras, 30, of Independence in the 100 block of Ecols Street S. on Sept. 27 for menacing.

Lonny Michael Smith, 42, of Falls City in the 400 block of Pacific Highway S. on Sept. 27 for interfering with a police officer, second-degree disorderly conduct and unlawful possession of methamphetamine.

Damian Alexander Lumbreras, 30, of Independence, in the 100 block of Ecols Street S on Oct. 2 for probation violation.

Miguel Quevedo Leon, 23, of Salem, near Madrona Street E. and Heffley Street S. on Oct. 5 for DUII.

Daniel Jacob Dixon, 30, of Monmouth, in the 200 block of Martin Way S. on Oct. 12 for physical harassment, third-degree criminal mischief and interfering with a police officer.

Ryan Rummel Brooks, 25, of Monmouth, in the 300 block of Powell Street E. on Oct. 14 for first-degree sexual penetration.

Misty Dawn Mahan, 45, of Dallas, in the 300 block of Monmouth Avenue N. on Oct. 16 for second-degree criminal trespass.

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