Police logs

Police logs are entries from the daily reports from Dallas Police Department and Polk County Sheriff’s office. Not all calls are included. The status of incidents reported may change after investigation.

Oct. 27 at 11:35 a.m., in the 700 block of N. Fir Villa Road: A caller reported her mailbox was damaged and in the ditch. The damage occurred sometime over night. Estimated damage, approximately $30.

Oct. 28 at 8:53 p.m. on N. Kings Valley Highway: A deputy stopped a driver for operation without required lighting. The driver was argumentative and said he felt like he was being harassed. He said he had recently been stopped by Linn County deputies for going 73 mph. The Polk County Sheriff’s deputy told the driver that he didn’t believe he’d met him before. The deputy said he clocked the driver at 45 – 60 mph. The driver demanded to see the radar. He yelled at the deputy how ridiculous the stop was. The deputy told the driver it was his plan to issue a warning, but if that was not going to gain compliance he would be happy to cite him if he wanted to continue to argue. The driver stopped arguing, thanked the deputy and wished him a good night. The deputy wished him the same.

Oct. 29 at 5:41 p.m., in the 100 block of SE Hawthorne Ave.: Two vehicles at a duplex were left unlocked. A wallet was stolen out of one and feminine pads were stolen out of the other. The rear garage door was unlocked and multiple items were moved.

Oct. 29 at 2:36 p.m., in the 900 block of E. Ellendale Avenue: A caller said her unlocked vehicle was rummaged through overnight sometime. Her husband’s backpack, which was on the front porch, was emptied but nothing was taken.

Arrest report

Information for the report comes from law enforcement agencies. Not all calls for service are included. The status of arrests reported may change after further investigation. Individuals arrested or suspected of crimes are considered innocent until proven guilty.


Miseal Acevedo Gomez, 43, of Independence in the 400 block of S. Fifth Street on Oct. 26 for second-degree criminal mischief, vandalism.

Kelee Yvonne Kirkland, 45, of Independence near Independence Highway and Halls Ferry Road on Oct. 27 for DUII.

Nicholas Dane Ascencio, 24, of Independence in the 800 block of S. Fourth Street on Oct. 26 for fourth-degree assault and strangulation, felony.

Brandon Lee Surritt, 22, of Independence near Monmouth and S. Fourth Streets on Oct. 26 for DUII.

David Danial Gillis, 33, of Independence in the 300 block of Williams Street on Oct. 25 for second-degree failure to appear.

Alyssia Claire Myears, 26, of Dallas near Hoffman and Stryker Roads on Oct. 25 for driving while suspended.

Nickolaus Nelson Gower, 31, of Salem near Monmouth and S. Third Streets on Oct. 30 for DUII.


Terence Patrick Ryan, 69, of Dallas in the 600 block of Clay Street E on Oct. 19 for DUII.

Rusty Amos Arp, 35, of Monmouth in the 200 block of Edwards Road S on Oct. 24 for second-degree disorderly conduct and a warrant for probation violation.

Jacquelyn Oceola Taylor, 50, of Monmouth in the 400 block of Monmouth Avenue S. on Oct. 24 for failure to perform duties of driver when property is damaged.

Ryan A. Aumiller, 27, of Monmouth in the 100 block of Catron Street S on Oct. 30 for driving while suspended/revoked.

Michael Thomas Anderson, 54, of Monmouth in the 200 block of Pacific Highway N on Oct. 25 for fourth-degree assault.

Harley Rose Skaggs, 25, of Monmouth in the 400 block of Pacific Highway on Oct. 24 for aggravated identity theft, two counts of first-degree theft and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Kimberly Ann Fouse, 32, of Monmouth in the 400 block of Main Street E on Oct. 29 for second-degree criminal trespass.

Bradley Vernon Husted, 29, of Keizer in the 200 block of Craven Street N for third-degree theft, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and unlawful entry into vehicle.

Polk County

Andrew Jay Larson, 36, on Highway 22, near milepost 22 on Oct. 27 on warrants for failure to register as a sex offender and failure to appear.

Adrian Schidler, 23, near Highway 22 and Oak Grove Road NW on Oct. 28 on a Marion County warrant for failure to appear.

Alexander Raley, 29, in the 200 block of Glen Creek Road NW on Oct. 28 on a Marin County warrant and possession of methamphetamine.

Amy Lee Bothum, 32, near B and Second Streets on Oct. 28 on warrants from Salem Municipal Court and Polk County.

Jesse Spain, 45, Highway 22 near milepost 23 on Oct. 29 on a state parole board warrant.

Robert James Anderson, in the 100 block of Dayton Street on Oct. 29 on a warrant.

Ronald James Griffin, 60, in the 0-99 block of N. Main Street on Oct. 29 on a felony probation violation.

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