Information for the report comes from law enforcement agencies. Not all calls for service are included. The status of arrests reported may change after further investigation. Individuals arrested or suspected of crimes are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Wednesday, Feb. 17

At 4:43 a.m., deputies responded to a motor vehicle accident on Highway 221 at Milepost 14. Upon arrival, they found two vehicles partially blocking the roadway after a rear-end crash. After the crash, the drivers and passengers of each vehicle got into a verbal and physical altercation. Oregon State Patrol did a callout and responded for the investigation. The father of one of the involved drivers arrived on scene and was very verbal with the driver of the other vehicle. Deputies remained on scene with OSP for the investigation and for safety reasons

At 7:03 a.m., a deputy responded to a car on Harmony Road off Highway 22. A man said he was digging through his car looking for his keys. After about 10 minutes of him digging through the car, the deputy asked him to check his pockets. The keys were found in his overalls bib pocket.

At 1:53 p.m., a resident in the 2700 block of Southwest Kings Valley Highway reported finding possible human remains on the property. The responding deputies determined the remains were clearly deer bones.

At 7:01 p.m., a deputy responded to a report of suspicious activity in the 16800 block of Pleasant Hill Road. The deputy found some kids stuck in the mud and their friends were attempting to pull them out.

At 7:05 p.m., a deputy responded to a report of a vehicle that crashed into a ditch trying to avoid a deer on South Kings Valley Highway near Gardner Road. The vehicle was teetering and about to rollover into the ditch. Dallas Fire brought out an engine and stabilized it for the driver to get out. Myers Towing arrived on scene and pulled the vehicle out of the ditch.

At 7:31 p.m., a deputy responded to the 7900 block of Rockwell Creek Road. A resident reported her neighbor in the duplex was using a generator in the attached garage without ventilation and the exhaust was causing her kids to feel sick. Unable to contact the neighbor, the deputy passed the message on through the property manager, telling him to warn the resident if she continued running the machine in the garage with no ventilation and it caused anyone to get sick and go to the hospital, the PCSO would look at charging her with reckless endangering. The deputy called back later to find the generator was removed.

At 9:32 p.m., a resident in the 4700 block of Salem Dallas Highway reported a female she did not recognize walking around the park looking into trailers. The responding deputy was unable to locate the suspect in the park.

At 11:23 p.m., a deputy contacted three vehicles in the 1160 block of Orchard Heights Road Northwest. One of the drivers of a vehicle in the park was highly intoxicated and had a beer in his lap when the deputy contacted him. He was sternly warned not to drive.

At 11:47 p.m., a deputy stopped and warned a cyclist on Salem Dallas Highway 22 for having no lighting on his bicycle and that he was riding in the lane of travel.

Thursday, Feb. 18

At 12:14 a.m., a deputy responded to a report of a possible drunk driver at Orchard Heights Park. The responding deputy observed the vehicle leaving the park and rolled through a stop sign. The deputy stopped the vehicle and arrested the driver for driving under the influence of an intoxicant after failing a field sobriety test. The driver was complaining of back pain and requested being taken to the hospital. The deputy took him to West Valley Hospital where he was treated and released. At Polk County Jail, the driver provided a breath sample with a result of 0.15 BAC. He was cited and released to a sober driver who stated she would take him home and not let him drive.

At 12:19 a.m., a deputy responded to a vehicle on the side of the road on Highway 22 at Milepost 17. The driver had run out of gas and was waiting for a friend she had called who is on his way to come help.

At 2;12 a.m., a deputy pulled over a driver on Highway 99 West for and cited him for speeding 83 mph in a 55 mph zone. Driver advised he hadn’t seen his girlfriend “in a minute” and was heading to see her at her dorm.

At 1:22 p.m., deputies responded to a resident who reported vehicles trespassing on his neighbor’s property at Pleasant Hill and Blanchard roads. Upon arrival, deputies learned a vehicle had gotten stuck in the mud on the property when the driver’s friends arrived and also got stuck. Although the drivers said they had permission to be there, because the deputies couldn’t confirm this, they were warned not to return once their vehicles were unstuck.

At 4:13 p.m., the driver of a Honda Accord was pulled over and cited for speeding 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on Highway 99W at Milepost 55.

Friday, Feb. 19

At 12:41 p.m., a Honda generator, valued at $5,200, was reported stolen sometime between Feb. 5 and 19, from the 7000 block of Harmony Road.

At 6:45 p.m., a deputy witnessed a vehicle fail to maintain his lane on Riddle Road near Bursell Road. The driver was pulled over and admitted he did not have a license. The driver was cited for driving with a suspended license.

At 8:48 p.m., a motorist was pulled over for speeding 72 mph on Highway 22 near Mill Creek Road. The driver admitted he did not have an Oregon Driver’s License and had just taken the test but failed it. His passenger also did not have a valid drivers license. When the deputy ran the driver’s name, it showed his license was surrendered. The driver was cited for No Operator’s License.

At 9:09 p.m., a deputy on westbound Highway 22 pulled over a motorist for failing to dim the vehicle's high beams. The driver had a suspended drivers license. She told the deputy she had sent paperwork to DMV to get it fixed. The deputy advised her to contact DMV to obtain proof of that and take it to the courthouse before the date on her citation. She was cited her for Driving With a Suspended License violation in a safety corridor.

At 10:22 p.m., a deputy observed a vehicle driving 87 mph in a 55 mph zone on Highway 22 at Milepost 17. The deputy stopped the vehicle and the driver admitted she was going too fast. The driver also said she did not have a license or insurance. She was cited for Driving With Suspended License, Driving uninsured and for speeding.

At 11:28 p.m., a deputy responded to a traffic stop on Highway 18 at Milepost 25 related to a drug deal that was captured on camera at the casino. The driver claimed he had sold the buyer a baggie of rock salt from his pretzel. He was cited and released for Delivery of an Imitation Controlled Substance and his van was towed for no insurance.

Saturday, Feb. 20

At 2:16 a.m., a deputy clocked a motorist going 82 mph in a 55 mph zone on Highway 22 near Rickreall Road. The driver handed the deputy an expired Oregon Driving Permit. The passenger also did not have a driver’s license. The deputy asked the driver why she was driving and said she sometimes just took the car for trips. She was cited for speeding and for having No Operator’s License.

At 2:47 a.m., a motorist was cited for speeding 78 mph in a 55 mph zone on Highway 22 near Milepost 18.

At 6:55 a.m., a motorist was cited for passing in a no-passing zone on Hopewell Road at Milepost 13.

At 7:58 a.m., a deputy ran a license plate of a vehicle in the 200 block of Glenn Creek Road NW. The registered owner and driver returned with a misdemeanor warrant out of Sweet Home for Contempt of Court. The driver was cited and released.

At 3:59 p.m., the general manager of the Mausoleum at Restlawn Memory Gardens, located at Oak Grove Road NW, reported that sometime after 8 a.m., the grounds superintendent found that someone had opened several glass front niches and at least a watch was missing from a niche. He also noticed that other niches might have been opened and items could be missing.

At 8:39 p.m., a deputy stopped to inquire why a vehicle was pulled over on Coville Road. The deputy found inside an older couple watching a movie in their vehicle.

At 9:18 p.m., deputies responded to a report of the Spirit Mountain Casino parking lot at 27100 Salmon River Highway. They found a driver on probation for Driving Under the Influence of an Intoxicant and Driving with a Suspended License. They arrested the driver for DUII and DWS Misdemeanor. They also transported the very intoxicated passenger to the C Store to wait for a ride.

At 9:41 p.m., a deputy clocked a motorist for going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on Highway 22 near Milepost 15. By the time the deputy caught up with the motorist, he was only going 68 mph. However, the deputy witnessed the driver change lanes twice over a yellow line without signaling. The driver was cited for an unsignaled lane change and was given a verbal warning for careless driving.

At 10:32 p.m., a motorist was pulled over for driving all over the road and speeding up Butler Hill. When the deputy activated his lights, the motorist went into the oncoming lane. When contacted, the driver said he was driving without his glasses on, which he admitted he should not have been. He added he went into the oncoming lane because the deputy’s lights scared him. Because he was not otherwise impaired, he was allowed to switch places with a passenger and go on their way.

Dallas Police Department

Friday, Feb. 12

3:37 a.m. – A street sign was down near Southwest Academy Street and Southwest Church Street, possibly from a vehicle sliding into it.

4:23 a.m. – A male subject stole a juvenile mountain bike and two skateboards on Southeast Davis Court. Police searched the area but were unable to locate.

7:25 a.m. – A burglary was reported on Southwest Rainbow Avenue. There were no suspects at this time.

9:14 a.m. – A theft of a package from the front porch of a residence was reported on Southwest Church Street.

1 p.m. – A counterfeit bill was discovered at Center Market, Washington and Church streets.

5:57 p.m. – A slashed tire was reported on southeast Court Street. There were no suspects at this time.

8:05 p.m. – A large fallen tree blocking both directions of travel located on Northwest Douglas Street.

10:58 p.m. – A blown transformer fire was reported on Southeast Hankel St. Pole number was forwarded to Pacific Power.

Saturday, Feb. 13

1:14 a.m. – Police shut down the 1000 block of Main Street for a downed power line blocking the road. Power company advised.

1:26 a.m. – Several trees fell on trailers and continued to fall in the 500 block of East Ellendale Avenue. All trailers were in danger and occupants were advised to leave. Police assisted with those who decided to leave.

2:07 a.m. – Numerous trees were down throughout Bridlewood Drive. It was determined that an ambulance could get through if needed and it was decided not to clear the road as branches/trees were actively falling around officers.

3:45 a.m. – A branch fell on a trailer in the 500 block of East Ellendale Avenue trapping one female. Dallas Fire handled the situation.

Sunday, Feb. 14

8:31 a.m. – A man refused to wear a mask at Walmart, but then left the store prior to police arrival. Staff will review store video in an attempt to ID the individual as they want him trespassed.

11:33 a.m. – Smoke was reported on Southeast LaCreole Drive. Someone burnt some food in the microwave.

4:05 p.m. – The theft of over $800 worth of groceries was reported at Safeway.

Tuesday, Feb. 16

12:20 p.m. – A theft was reported at Center Market on Southwest Washington Street. No suspect information.

12:26 p.m. – A person contacted Dallas police and was curious if they had received reports of recent thefts of gold bars as he was going to buy some in Dallas.

3:40 p.m. – The theft of power tools from an open garage was reported on Southeast Barberry Avenue.

4:48 p.m. – Damage to a picnic bench was reported at Dallas City Park.

Friday, Feb. 17

10:36 a.m. – A cable worker was bit on the hand by a dog staying at home on Southwest Boxwood Court.

Independence Police Department

Arrests for Feb. 8 to 22

Gabriel Gordon Sexton, 33, of San Jose, California, was arrested on an outstanding warrant at North Main and Polk streets.

Eduardo Aguirre Gutierrez, 23, of Independence, was arrested in the 400 block of South 13th Street, for Failure to Perform Duties of a Driver in Accident with Property Damage and Reckless Driving.

Ethan Mitchell McLain, 20, of Salem, was arrested at Williams and Log Cabin streets, on an outstanding warrant.

Jason Allen Hix, 29, of Brightwood, was arrested at Monmouth and South 17th streets, for Trespass 2, False Information to a Police Officer and for an outstanding warrant.

Kayla Nicole Goodell, 27, of Independence, was arrested in the 1300 block of South 7th Street, for Harassment.

Jerry Arlen Brendon, 73, of Independence, was arrested in the 1500 block of Monmouth Street, on an outstanding warrant.

Kymberlee Kay Marie Capps, 38, of Monmouth, was arrested in the 1000 block of Monmouth Street, on an outstanding warrant.

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