Itemizer-Observer report

Information for the report comes from law enforcement agencies. Not all calls for service are included. The status of arrests reported may change after further investigation. Individuals arrested or suspected of crimes are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Monday, Oct. 12

At 9:05 a.m., deputies responded to a single-vehicle, non-injury motor vehicle accident at 2880 S. Kings Valley Highway. The driver was reportedly eastbound at 35 mph when he hit a wood post while making a tight turn. The post came out of the ground, but was not otherwise damaged. Damage was estimated at less than $2,500.

At 9:54 a.m., deputies responded to reports of a crash 40 feet down an embankment on Milepost 12 on Highway 223. A note found on the car, a silver 2017 Kia, said everyone was out of the car and was OK.

At 11:54 a.m., a deputy evaluated the condition of a 38-year-old pony reported in poor health in the 14000 block of Webb Lane. While the deputy reported that the horse is not in poor health now, its condition is declining rapidly, and it may well have to be euthanized soon.

At 12:08 p.m., deputies responded to reports of people camping at the Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge for the past four days. One of the campers told deputies she was at her wit’s end trying to find a place to stay while dealing with a male companion’s mental health issues. Deputies offered assistance from the Mobile Crisis Response Team, but she said there was nothing the team could do to help her and began packing to leave.

At 4:17 p.m., deputies responded to reports of illegal dumping at Milepost 1 of Gold Creek Access Road. Someone had dumped two red couches and clothing items on property belonging to Hancock Timber. Members of the group Dump Stoppers will remove the items.

At 7:34 p.m., deputies stopped the driver of a vehicle traveling 90 mph southbound at Milepost 67 of Highway 99W. Deputies noticed the driver’s eyes were glassy, and the vehicle smelled of marijuana smoke. The driver claimed he had smoked a small amount of marijuana two hours previously in Salem. The driver consented to a standard field sobriety test, which did not show impairment. While writing the citation for speeding, the deputy told the driver he was receiving a warning because of a priority call. The deputy advised him it might be in his best interest to go home for the night, which was Monmouth, due to the amount he smoked he could become impaired and arrested for DUII. He said he lived close and would go home. The deputy assisted the Independence Police Department with a pursuit.

Tuesday, Oct. 13

At 3:47 a.m., police responded to a domestic conflict in 27000 block of Jahn Road that included allegations of sexual assault. No arrests were made, but the incident has been referred to the district attorney’s office for further investigation.

At 5:36 p.m., deputies responded to allegations of sexual assault by an unknown perpetrator against a 4-year-old boy in the 3000 block of Sample Road. Deputies found bruising on the child’s stomach that they believe happened while he has been in foster care. They added the shape of the bruising appears as if he was “jabbed” in the stomach. The child was taken to a safe location while the case is investigated by the Oregon Department of Human Services.

At 9:17 p.m., a deputy responded to a Honda in a parking lot on Park and Willamette Ferry streets filled with smoke and the interior lights on. When one of the two occupants opened the door, the deputy reported he was “hit in the face with a giant cloud of marijuana smoke.” Both the occupants were 18. The deputy confiscated a glass water pipe, marijuana grinder and dispensary bottle. The suspects were cited for being minors in possession of marijuana. The deputy asked for the driver to call for someone sober to drive, as the driver would be charged with DUII if he tried to drive the car himself.

Wednesday, Oct. 14

At 5:23 p.m., deputies responded to a fatal motor vehicle accident in the 3000 block of Northwest Zena Road. A woman driving westbound on Zena Road reported observing a truck traveling eastbound lost control and hit the ditch nose first and started to roll. The truck’s driver, Brett Kamp of McMinnville, was pronounced dead at the scene. He was reportedly taking his son to wrestling practice in Albany. The son was taken to the hospital for undisclosed injuries and was expected to be released by Oct. 21. The truck’s airbags were reportedly disabled. Deputies said no drugs or alcohol were involved, and the accident was likely the result of speed.

Thursday, Oct. 15

At 9:28 a.m., a deputy responded to reports that three catalytic converters were stolen from the Oregon Department of Forestry on Oak Villa Road. Complainants said this is the second theft in the past few weeks.

At 11:12 a.m., a deputy who responded to the 3200 block of Barnhart Road where a woman found a lost labrador retriever. At the same time, the woman made contact with the dog’s owner, resulting in a happy reunion.

At 11:39 a.m. deputies responded to the 4700 block of the Salem-Dallas Highway where a man reported his stolen debit card was used to make more than $400 in purchases from Amazon. He was advised to contact Amazon for delivery addresses.

Friday, Oct. 16

At 5:38 p.m., a deputy informed a woman in the 200 block of Northwest Oak Grove Road that a deputy could not be posted at a funeral, and that possessing a firearm is not necessarily a criminal matter.

At 4:32 a.m., deputies responded to a single-car accident at Milepost 4 of Highway 22W. Deputies reported the driver, Ariel Herrera of Lincoln City, said he crashed because he took his eyes off the road. Deputies reported Herrera gave off a strong smell of alcohol and had slurred speech and watery, bloodshot eyes. He reportedly performed poorly on the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and had a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.15%. He was lodged for DUII.

At 6:26 p.m., a deputy responded to the 28000 block of Andy Riggs Road where a woman reported that she lost her 9mm handgun while taking it out to shoot it in the woods sometime in the last three months. She said she delayed reporting it because she had tried to find it herself.

Dallas Police Department

Friday, Oct. 2

At 12:33 a.m., an intoxicated man was reported walking in the middle of the road in the 100 block of Northeast Kings Valley Highway. Police transported him home to Monmouth.

At 2:07 p.m., a woman told police she heard voices and saw lights flashing in her camper at the Dallas Mobile Home Village on East Ellendale Avenue. Police couldn’t find suspects.

At 5:40 a.m., police lodged Taylor Campbell at the Polk County Jail for burglary and trespassing at the Dallas Aquatic Center on Southeast LaCreole Drive. Center staff apparently saw him leaving the building as they arrived for work.

At 9:39 a.m., a caller complained about receiving inappropriate photographs. Police contacted the person allegedly sending the photographs and told him to stop contacting the complainant.

At 11:41 a.m., a man suffering a behavioral health crisis came to the police department for a quiet place to stay. Police reported talking with him until a crisis worker arrived.

Saturday, Oct. 3

At 8:50 a.m., police reported being unable to locate a missing chihuahua.

At 6:10 p.m., police advised go-kart owners on Southwest Maple Street against racing on public streets.

At 8:31 p.m., police approached a man staying in a tent on Southwest Hayter Street on the south side of the swimming hole. The suspect reportedly told police he thought he was on his father’s property. Police told him he could spend the night but had to leave by dawn.

At 10:26 p.m., police responded to West Valley Hospital where a man came in with a BB pellet lodged in his hand. The man, a transient from Yamhill County, left without being treated.

Sunday, Oct. 4

At 1:04 a.m., a woman at the Dallas Mobile Home Village on East Ellendale Avenue reported hearing people on her roof. She called police again at 3 a.m., saying someone was trying to break into her trailer, but it turned out to be someone she knew.

At 11:06 a.m., police located an injured deer, but were unable to determine the extent of its injuries or whether or not it would be a good idea to kill it.

At 3:04 p.m., police responded to a domestic argument where a man allegedly slapped his fiancée. He told police he slapped her to calm her down and didn’t intend to hurt her. Police are forwarding the case to the district attorney’s office for review.

At 7:27 p.m., police responded to a deer struck by a car on West Ellendale Avenue. They killed the deer and disposed of its body.

At 10:59 p.m., a woman at Dallas Mobile Home Park on East Ellendale called for the third time that day to report two subjects, one trying to break in through her window and another on top of her roof. Police counseled her about paranoia and encouraged her to find another place to spend the night.

Monday, Oct. 5

At 7:55 a.m., a suspect was banned from all city parks in Dallas until Nov. 4 after being warned about offensive littering at Dallas City Park. Police said they would check the park later to make sure the litter was cleaned up.

At 10:20 a.m., police responded to a car fire at Safeway on West Ellendale Avenue. Hundreds of packed walnuts were found under the hood.

At 11:51 a.m., police responded to a report of a dead rat in the road in the 100 block of Southwest Cherry Street. It turned out to be a dead squirrel.

At 7:36 p.m., police responded to a domestic conflict at the Dallas Mobile Home Village on East Ellendale Avenue. A woman allegedly hit a man because he called her a loser. They were both reportedly intoxicated and admitted to using meth that morning.

Tuesday, Oct. 6

At 10:52 a.m., police responded to Southeast Cooper Street where there was a “disturbance over dogs using neighborhood yards as bathrooms.” Police were unable to locate the offending dogs or their owners.

At 12:16 p.m., a woman complained that someone had called her derogatory names the day before. Police determined no crime was committed.

At 3:54 p.m., police responded to a report that a man was “hypothetically” threatening to spray kids with mace for not wearing face masks in the 600 block of Southwest Brandvold Drive. Police were unable to locate the suspect.

At 8:42 p.m., a woman complained that she was unable to get in her car on Southeast Holman Street because her neighbor’s dog was growling at her.

Wednesday, Oct. 7

At 12:46 a.m., police responded to West Valley Hospital at the request of the Salem Police Department. A patient reported he was in a fight in Salem, but he didn’t want to share any details.

At 2:25 p.m., a woman on Southwest Hayter Street asked police what she should do after her husband turned off her cellphone and blocked her WiFi service.

At 4 p.m., police responded to the 800 block of Southwest Church Street where a man was allegedly suffering from meth-induced psychosis after taking meth two days ago. He declined any help. He was still suffering from psychosis at 11 p.m., telling police he was trying to get a ride to Salem so he could sober up at a cousin’s house. Police concluded he was not a threat to himself or others.

At 6:21 p.m., police lodged Quinna Dubrasky and Michael Matthews in the Polk County Jail for first-degree trespassing. Matthews reportedly refused to answer medical questions or receive medical treatment.

At 7:31 p.m., police responded to Taco Bell on West Ellendale Avenue where an employee was allegedly writing on his napkin that he needed help. Police determined it was a prank. Both the police and Taco Bell’s manager talked to the man about his behavior. Police took no other action.

At 9:18 p.m., a woman on East Ellendale Avenue reported possibly mixing alcohol with her prescription medication. She was taken to West Valley Hospital.

Thursday, Oct. 8

At 1:05 p.m., a man was reportedly breaking a glass bottle on Southwest River Drive. Police were unable to locate a suspect.

At 3:33 p.m., Karly Monson and Houston Toney were lodged at the Polk County Jail for second-degree burglary, first-degree theft, second-degree criminal mischief and initiating a false report.

At 3:36 p.m., Alvin Swearingen was lodged at the Polk County Jail on two warrants.

At 4:36 p.m., police responded to a man allegedly urinating in the bushes in the 600 block of Southwest Allgood Street.

At 6:03 p.m., police lodged Larry Vorderstrasse in the Polk County Jail for reckless driving and having an open container of alcohol.

At 7:33 p.m., police returned a wallet and checks found on Southeast Hankel Street. The owner said they may have been stolen in Salem 10 years ago.

At 11:54 a.m., police approached a man who was yelling on Main Street while walking home for the night. The police report said he “was not acting his normal self.”

Wednesday, Oct. 9

At 4:19 a.m., police arrested Breena Lucey on Southwest Rainbow Avenue for driving with a revoked license.

At 8:51 p.m., Tyler Goolsby was lodged in the Polk County Jail on a Dallas municipal warrant.

At 12:16 p.m., police instructed a man to clean up the litter he left at the West Valley Taphouse on Main Street. He complied.

At 3:54 p.m., a caller complained that a man had been sitting in his vehicle “for a while” at the Wells Fargo Bank on Main Street. However, police said the complainant “could not articulate why that was suspicious.”

* At 6:37 p.m., a caller said he received a letter with no return address from the Patriotic Association for the Preservation of the Flag of the United States of America, threatening to fine him $250 for improperly displaying his flag. Police explained that the flag was illuminated during the night and wasn't violating the guidelines outlined in the letter. No such organization apparently exists.


* At 9:41 p.m., police responded to a complaint on Southwest Fairview Avenue that two tractors were plowing the fields behind the complainant's home. Police said the plowers told them they were trying to avoid the rain.


* At 9:57 p.m., police responded to a complaint of a man with a knife walking on Northwest Denton Avenue. Police said the suspect wasn't threatening anyone, but the complainant thought the situation was strange.


* At 11:38 p.m., police responded to the 200 block of Southwest Washington Street on a complaint that a tractor was dragging its plow on the street. Police reported seeing the tractor, but it was not dragging its plow.


Saturday, Oct. 10


* At 12:38 a.m., police responded to reports of gunfire near Southwest Church Street. An officer confirmed hearing a similar sound moments before complainant's call. No suspects were located.


* At 2:49 p.m., Jody Trusty was lodged at the Polk County Jail for third-degree theft after she was allegedly caught walking out of Walmart on East Ellendale Avenue with merchandise.


* At 9:18 p.m., police responded to reports of trespassing on Southwest Donald Street.


* At 9:49 p.m., a man on Southeast Dimick Street reported hearing his aunt say something "in passing to her dogs" about getting hit by a car. According to the police report, "she was not contacted as this was all he could articulate, and she had settled in for the night."


Sunday, Oct. 11


* At 5:18 a.m., a man on Southeast Uglow Avenue reported that he "had a generator and speaker stolen out of his breezeway."


* At 4:04 p.m., police responded to Southwest Walnut Avenue where a woman was allegedly "loudly moving out of her friend's apartment."


* At 5:27 p.m., police responded to the Greenway Mobile Home Park on Southeast LaCreole Drive to a second-hand report of someone shooting a neighbor's dog with a BB gun. The dog's owner didn't witness the alleged incident but said it might have something to do with a noise that sounded like a BB gun. He didn't want police contacting the suspect because they're close neighbors.


* At 9 p.m., a woman called the police department to say she had a warrant out for her arrest and wanted police to know she was in town. No warrant was found.


Monday, Oct. 12


* At 2:05 p.m., a caller on Northwest Fairhaven Lane said that a man in Salem posted on Facebook that he likes young boys. The Salem Police Department reportedly received a similar call at the same time.


* At 2:46 p.m., police downloaded surveillance of an elderly woman stealing a glass of wine and driving off at the North Dallas Bar and Grill on East Ellendale Avenue. She also allegedly failed to pay for the food she ate.


* At 3 p.m., police were unable to locate a man allegedly antagonizing dogs on Southwest Bridlewood Drive.


* At 4:37 p.m., police lodged Bailey Shreves and Charisma Warrington in the Polk County Jail for first-degree criminal trespassing, third-degree criminal mischief and first-degree burglary.


* At 7:26 p.m., police responded to reports of "odd behavior" at Walmart on East Ellendale Avenue. No crime was discovered.


* At 11:09 p.m., police responded to a complaint of people sitting in a car and eating cake on Southeast Uglow Avenue.


Tuesday, Oct. 13


* At 1:36 p.m., police responded to a domestic conflict on Southwest Washington Street where a mother slapped her stepdaughter across the face numerous times. Police reported that while the incident was "disciplinary in nature, it was advised it probably got a bit out of control." Plans were made to separate the two for the time being.


* At 2:22 p.m., police lodged Levi Emminger in the Polk County Jail on a felony Polk County warrant for third-degree escape after a foot pursuit.


* At 10:08 p.m., a caller complained that two people were sleeping on the southeast corner of Pacific Pride on West Ellendale Avenue. Both were told to clean up up the area and move along.


Wednesday, Oct. 14


* At 2:54 p.m., police found a shoeless man who claimed to be cleaning his storage unit at Southeast Maple and Shelton streets. His girlfriend was inside the unit where police said she appeared to be spending the night and drinking vodka.


* At 9:18 a.m., two anti-tank missile launchers were confiscated from the Greenway Mobile Home Park on Southeast LaCreole Drive. Police reported they will be destroyed.


* At 12:43 p.m., a man was reportedly walking around and waving his arms on Southwest Monmouth Cutoff. He told police he was walking to his mother's house in Dallas.


* At 2:42 p.m., police investigated bottle return fraud in the 300 block of Northeast Kings Valley Highway. Nine suspects are possibly involved.


* At 5:53 p.m., Dallas Mayor Brian Dalton was reportedly bitten by a dog on Northeast Fern Avenue. Police reported that the dog has been confined to home.


* At 6:12 p.m., police lodged Dylan Jeffus in the Polk County Jail on a Marion County warrant.


* At 8:44 p.m., police responded to Walmart on East Ellendale Avenue when Oregon State Police reported that a man trying to purchase a firearm was denied because of an assault charge in California in 2015 that remains under investigation.


* At 9:12 p.m., police responded to the Center Market on Southwest Washington Street where a suspicious man was reportedly walking up and down the aisles.


* At 10:52 p.m., police responded to Walmart on East Ellendale Avenue where a 6-foot-tall bearded man in his 60s wearing a white jacket was allegedly banging on doors in the store and saying he was going to kill someone. Police were unable to locate the suspect.


Thursday, Oct. 15


* At 12:51 a.m., police responded to reports of three people breaking into RVs at the Forest River lot on Southeast Maple Street. Police were unable to locate any suspects.


* At 6:12 a.m., police spoke to workers from American Concrete at Northwest Beaver Court who said they were told by their supervisors to start working. They agreed to wait until 7 a.m.


* At 6:23 a.m., police responded to West Ellendale Avenue where a city vehicle struck two deer.


* At 2:29 p.m., Leonard Fitzgerald was lodged in the Polk County Jail for resisting arrest and misdemeanor driving while suspended.


*At 4:12 p.m., police responded to Southeast Mill Street where a man crashed his motorcycle in a driveway.


* At 4:41 p.m., police responded to the Itemizer-Observer where a man was sitting on a bench. He refused to talk to officers and walked away.


* At 7:18 p.m., police responded to a complaint from a resident at the Uglow Manor Apartments on Southeast Uglow Street who said "home boys" slashed the leather seats in the his pickup truck. He asked the police not to investigate the crime because he said he feared the perpetrators would retaliate.


* At 10:47 p.m., a caller complained that she was listening to music on her phone, and it started making "weird noises." She added everything was OK and hung up.



Police Department

 * Jason Connick, 31, a transient, was arrested Oct. 10 on a warrant.

* Eric Hernandez-Castaneda, 26, of McMinnville was arrested Oct. 9 for DUII.

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